Article Text: and its CEO and Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong just recently launched a collaborative project with a Japanese company Mitsubishi Chemical. The extensive collaboration consisted of the complex construction of the Chinese nation’s most large-scale hydroponic farm with the mutual assistance of Japanese technology. Richard Liu indicates he has expressed an interest in hydroponic farming for quite some time, and the partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical allows opportunity to branch out.

The CEO says he has long acquired an drive to bridge the socio-economic issues associated with organic food production and China’s sustainable land usage limitations.’s hydroponic farm fosters a possible solution to these fundamental problems and intentionally allows local consumers to once again reconnect with nutritious produce.
Richard Liu says reassuringly that no matter the product, strives to carefully make it affordable. What has undoubtedly kept’s business model strong has been the company’s specific emphasis on consumer trust.

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