Alex Hern is a “twitter comedian” known for his commentary on technologies and overflows to politics, music, entertainment and pop culture. His entrepreneur career in technologies reporting for the Guardian, UK, has put him in a position where he informs and guides consumers of such technologies. Going the extra mile is what most journalists have to do, to come up with the right story and at the right time to keep the general public aware. The following are some of the articles that the Uk guardian editor has written over the years.

Mumsnet Data Breach

The management of this platform reported themselves, after a data security breach, to the information commissioner. The data breach was caused by a botched upgrade had that resulted in users accessing strangers’ accounts. Such reports by different reporters are a very common thing in this time and age. In his recent article, Alex Hern addressed the apology by Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts of the guardian and ensured clients that their passwords were still secure.

He also informed users that the problem was taken care off and the platform restored to its previous operations. On his Twitter account, Mr. Hern informs readers on various topics by starting threads like twitter’s updated terms of service and a humorous conversation on the apple and android logos.