One of the companies taking the energy sector of the United States by storm is Agera Energy. By serving clients all across 50 different states, the company is slowly becoming one of the leading energy providers in the country. Unlike any other energy company, Agera provides high-quality services that are very cost efficient. Their rates are relatively lower than any other energy company in the Country making it easy for anyone to afford natural gas or electricity at their home.

What’s more, the company works by helping its clients learn how to conserve energy at home. Instead of sending you a bill and collecting their dues, they advise you on what the problem may be leading to your large energy bill and ways in which you can conserve your energy. After the Inception of Agera Energy in 2004, the company has fast grown to be a leading private energy supplier providing clean energy to more than 1.8 million customers across the nation.

In 2007, the city of Cambridge got into a signed agreement with Agera Energy for an 18-month supply of electricity. The program saw Agera Energy providing 25 percent more solar energy than the state minimum. This move was in a bid to fluctuate the Basic Service prices of Eversource, the company responsible for delivering electricity to Cambridge. The residents and businesses were automatically enrolled in the program. However, there was an “Opt-out” option with no penalty available for anyone who wanted to maintain Eversource as the only electricity provider.