For almost forty years, Gustavo Martinez has dedicated himself to the world of advertising and marketing, moving onto be one of the most well-known and respected names in the industry. He is the man behind a lot of the iconic advertisements and marketing campaigns that people have enjoyed over the past decades. In fact, his work is so powerful that they have managed to make a mark on the annals of history, forever changing the landscape of pop culture.


Tracking a Stellar Career Performance


Gustavo Martinez’s stellar performance has paved the way for him to be the head honcho of the world’s most respected advertising firms. He was the CEO at the prestigious J. Walter Thompson. He served as president for the McCann World Group and Ogilvy and Mather advertising agencies. On top of those, he was able to provide his expertise to help premium clients such as Henkel and Price Waterhouse.


Now, Gustavo has moved onto being an advertising and marketing consultant, on top of being an entrepreneur. He loves his new found independence and freedom because he is not tied to the long working hours that are de rigueur in most advertising firms. His new role allows him still be hands-on with his passion projects, while giving him the opportunity to utilize his creative skills to satisfy his many clients. He believes his consultancy allows him to offer personalized care and attention to his clients to help them pursue the best options that will garner impeccable results.


Finding Business Success with Artistic Creativity


Gustavo Martinez emphasizes that the advertising and marketing industry are unlike any other. In usual companies, employees have to follow a standard set of rules, with repetitive tasks, and a strict schedule to be deemed successful. The opposite holds true for advertising and marketing firms where the creative employees are encouraged to think outside the box, while following a less rigid structure,


Typically, creative workers need to retain a sense of independence in order to prosper within the industry. In order to continue fostering their creative spirit, they must never feel stifled. This is something that Gustavo himself has felt now that he is a consultant. There is a joy to having flexibility because creative juices can flow freely when the environment is not too strict and heavy.


Providing Advanced Marketing Services for Small Startups


Gustavo Martinez is now able to use his many creative and business talents through business acceleration. His partnership with the UV Business Acceleration group makes him active in helping new businesses and startups to improve their capacity to do marketing, which is the backbone of any new company’s success. Gustavo noted that about ninety percent of these businesses fail because even if they have a good product, they don’t know what to do. Emphasizing the important of advertising and marketing is even more critical in this competitive digital world. Gustavo believes that by optimizing their marketing campaigns, newbies are given a fighting chance to succeed.


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