The business guru is one of the most reputable players in China’s retail sector and the global fashion industry. He has gained global recognition for his achievements in his career over the years, and some of his work has been featured on several publications. Richard Liu is the brain behind China’s largest e-commerce platform called He was worth about $12 billion according to a report issued last year. Some people refer to Liu as a genius due to his ability to build a business empire worth billions of dollars, yet he was brought up in a poor background. He has always displayed commitment towards embracing technology in all operations of his company and developing products that meet the customer needs.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born and raised by his parents in a town called Suqian. He worked hard even during his tender age as he would help in operating his family business. He later moved to the country’s capital to advance his education by enrolling for a degree program at a local university. The business mogul trained himself about computer programming to enable him to earn some income during his studies. He got a job after his studies at Japan Life, which was a healthcare startup in the country. Liu displayed his skills during his tenure at the organization, and that earned him a promotion to head its computer department.

Years later, he left his position at the healthcare firm to start a business. The first venture involved the sale of magneto-optical products. Its customer base expanded significantly within a short time due to his commitment towards offering excellent customer service and stocking quality products. He believes that the use of technology can have a significant impact on the profitability of any growing firm. Richard Liu made a bold move by opening twelve stores in different parts of the city within the first five years of operating the organization. He closed all his stores in 2003 after an outbreak of the SARS epidemic. He decided to shift the operations of his company by starting an e-commerce platform as this would allow customers to purchase products at the comfort of their homes.