Boris Ivanov Gazprom is a businessman who works in the Russian Federation’s oil and gas industry. Having worked in this industry for 14 years, he is now a key account sales manager at Halliburton. He has an extensive education. He first earned degrees in marketing and economics at Samara State Regional University (Nayanovoy). He has two master’s degrees in automated control systems and the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields. These were earned at Samara State Aerospace University and Samara State Technical University respectively. In 2019, he earned a Ph.D. in drilling at the Russian State Gubkin University of Oil and Gas.

He first gained experience in the oil and gas industry by interning at Schlumberger from April to October 2004. Boris Ivanov Gazprom left his internship to become a quality control engineer at Aquatic. He became a project manager, first at LinkWest Group and then at Weatherford. In August 2011, he became a business development manager at TDE Thonhauser Data Engineering. He joined its sister firm TDE Energy Services Ltd. in March 2013 as the general manager. For three months he was at Investgeoservis as a deputy project director. He joined Halliburton in December 2018.

While at TDE Energy, Boris Ivanov Gazprom worked on a major project for them. He was instrumental in developing their core product, the proNova system. This is a service that uses instruments to monitor the drilling process. The instruments can measure casing and liner running in and pulling out, tripping, making-up, drilling, and so on. These are key performance indicators that show how efficiently the drilling process is operating.

Much of his career has been built around showing oil and gas industry executives how technology can improve their bottom lines. Boris Ivanov Gazprom delivers technical sales presentations and conducts pilot projects that demonstrate how the companies he has worked for can help their companies. Most oil and gas drilling companies have never used automated systems and so don’t understand their practical use. Earlier in his career, there were sometimes problems with the quality of the sensors but nowadays they are 100 percent effective.

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Sheldon Lavin is the chairperson and the CEO of the OSI Group. He is currently the President of OSI International Foods Limited. Throughout his life, Sheldon has achieved an incredible profile in the food and meat processing industries. He continues to get involved in all the universal activities the OSI is engaged in. His ideas and great leadership skills have enabled the OSI Group to advance to becoming an international processing company. This was his main vision after joining the OSI Group. More information about Sheldon Lavin at Bloomberg.

OSI’s global reach

Sheldon Lavin in a recent interview said that the company is present in seventeen countries and have more than eighty facilities. The company mainly focuses on protein products. The company also produces vegetables, baked goods as well as sauces.

He manages to create such a global force by various methods. He ensures that the rules set are followed and strategies are implemented. Together with his team, they operate as a family despite having different levels of responsibilities. They also work within their budgetary limits. This culture is very different from others thus making them stay ahead of their competitors. It has also worked on helping them succeed in doing their businesses. Innovation is something he believes is in his DNA. However, he acknowledges the OSI Group for nurturing it.

Family Culture at OSI

Sheldon Lavin says that as leaders of the group, they are proud of the people who work with them. Their loyalty and skills have helped them to be successful in the sector. His office doors are always open, and he puts to consideration everyone’s thoughts. At his company office, he haves’ lunch with his team and addresses each other with their first names. In this company, they believe that they are each one is part of the big family. Therefore, they are concerned with the welfare of their employees as well as their families.

Involvement in Charities

Sheldon Lavin says they are always enthusiastic in giving back to the community in which their organization is based. They always encourage people to be charitable within their reach.

Vision for the future of OSI Group

He envisions continuing the expansion of the company and ensuring it has some profitable growth. He looks forward to continue being leaders in the universal food industry.


I’ve been attending therapy sessions since I was 20 years old; I am now 24. I understand how challenging it can be to find a connection with a therapist. If you are unable to connect with your therapist; then what is the point of having one? Some of us do not like to talk to people in person, and that is perfectly fine.

Some of us are also ashamed and don’t want anyone to know. Some of us also express ourselves through writing. Talkspace is the best mental health medicine.

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What Is Talkspace?

Talkspace is an app that allows you to be able to talk to a therapist confidentially and affordably. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Therapy is not a bad thing and does not mean your a weak.

If anything it means you are stronger than ever before for getting the help you deserve. This app is available on iOS and Google Play Store, so whether you use an Apple or Andriod product, you can use Talkspace. Talkspace is an excellent option for those can not afford high priced therapy sessions.

When you first create an account on Talkspace, you engage with a representative who will ask you several questions about your mental health and what you search for in a therapist. After your conversation, they take the information you provided them with and match you with a therapist they feel is suitable for you. If you and your therapist don’t have a connection; you are allowed to switch therapists at any time.

If you do decide to switch therapists, you don’t have to repeat everything you have already mentioned.

Now is the time to take control of your mental health. Don’t let your mental health control you. Join Talkspace today!


“james reese tigerswan”

The private security industry involves providing clients with the necessary assistance they acquire. A training even held in North Carolina gave civilians a first-hand experience into what type of work occurs. The exercises involved engaging in a hostage rescue mission among other high-risk duties. For the civilian attendees, the event existed for their education and entertainment. TigerSwan employees take part in such tasks for real and to help protect people’s lives.

 James Reese co-founded TigerSwan, a top private security firm. He also co-founded the training facility referenced above. Today, he oversees 300 employees at the firm. The employees all handle different duties with the field operatives dealing with hands-on security details. Their work is hazardous at times, which is why only the most capable people can work as contractors.

James Reese revealed that TigerSwan, like other small businesses, is heavily reliant on hiring the right people. Experience plays a significant role in whether someone can perform as expected. Small businesses can’t survive unless employees commit themselves to do their jobs. Putting in the time isn’t enough. Neither is trying to do the right thing but falling short.

“james reese tigerswan”

At TigerSwan, a great many veterans boasting of prior military experience work for the firm. These professionals contribute valuable experience to the overall team of employees. James Reese, an 80% disabled veteran, suggests the veterans’ focus on completing their missions helps them perform well. That’s not to suggest Reese feels the civilian team members of TigerSwan lack value. They provide critical support in many areas.

James Reese does realize running a small business as TigerSwan comes with risk. No small business has any guarantees to survive. The CEO notes the right employees do help support the company’s potential for success. He also isn’t ignorant of market factors, either.

If there is no demand for a small business’ services, the business can’t last. A dangerous and complex world does create a need for what TigerSwan offers. In addition to hands-on personnel, the company provides consulting work, too. Considering how many new dangers arise around the globe, don’t look for the demand for private security work to decline.

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In 2012, OSI Group celebrated its twenty year anniversary of its expansion into China. During the early 1990’s, OSI Group began the process of establishing a location in the country and becoming one of its top food suppliers. Since establishing an entity known as OSI China, the company has been able to serve many Chinese restaurants and grocery stores. For over two decades, OSI China has established an excellent track record of providing some of the best service to Chinese food businesses.

One of the executives of OSI, David McDonald was a part of the company’s expansion into China. McDonald said that one of the keys to expanding into China was to gain the trust of Chinese businesses. He said that like in all cultures, businesses in China prefer to work with those that they feel comfortable with. OSI sent McDonald and a number of other professionals to the country to meet with Chinese businesses and find out about their specific needs. Once they found out the specific needs of Chinese food businesses, the company then offered products and services that catered to the needs of the Chinese food businesses. Read full interview of David McDonald at

Another one of the keys to establishing a presence in China according to David McDonald was to offer quality products, safe products and dependable service. The company emphasized that it would offer the most sanitary and nutritious food items as well as offering customer service that is always focused on meeting the needs of Chinese businesses and consumers. By offering quality products and customer service, OSI was able to win over the confidence of food related businesses in China and complete its expansion.

When expanding into China, McDonald also revealed that it was important for OSI to adapt to the local marketplace and environment. It was important for OSI to learn about the Chinese culture as well as what businesses and customers look for in food products. This allowed the company to get a better idea of how to best serve the businesses and consumers in the nation. By adjusting to the local Chinese culture, OSI was able to successfully expand its operations into the country.

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It’s no surprise that Betsy DeVos has finally been praised for her educational choice reform. Many did not believe that educational choice was an option for them, but as the rise of virtual schools continues, more parents and teachers are liking the idea of sending their students to a school with a better curriculum. While DeVos says that she doesn’t have it out for public schools, she has stated that she wants to put students first.


By sending students to schools outside of their district, many in education feel that the new program torpedoes public schools and takes away funding. However, DeVos says that educational choice doesn’t use public funding. She has stated this over and over, including in a major televised interview on “60 Minutes” in 2018. While DeVos has many critics from the Democratic party, she has also received some support.


Elizabeth Warren has voiced support for educational choice. She has stated that it helps middle class families with two incomes as it ensures their children don’t have to settle for bad neighborhoods with failing schools because they can’t afford to live in a better area. While many oppose DeVos because of her background in business, this keen eye for strategy and philanthropy has allowed DeVos to campaign and be successful in several states.


When asked which states offered the most success from these programs, DeVos said that Louisiana and Florida are the states with the most educational choice options. In Florida, for example, students can actually apply for a tuition-based grant to go to a private or charter school. There are also virtual school options, where students can enroll in classes from anywhere. Homeschooling programs are still available for those who want to maintain a curriculum from home. Then there are the magnet schools, which allow students to go to another public school that has a special program. For example, a student may want to study law and think about going to a high school with a magnet program for business law.


Many states have yet to jump on board with educational choice, but that hasn’t stopped DeVos from campaigning. She recently toured the states with First Lady Melania Trump to support educational choice and hopefully get more sponsorship from education leaders. However, the progress has been slow she has taken office in 2017. Part of the slowdown was another movement to protect students from gun violence.


In 2018, DeVos started working on school safety reform to help students with safety problems. This would include a new campus guardian who would protect students against violence and stay vigilant for warning signs and gun-related activity. However, other school districts faced a decision on whether to allow teachers to carry guns as well.


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The future of the United States and the beyond is in the hands of the younger generations and Aaron Lupuloff is working to ensure that the children of Gwinnett County have access to a quality education that provides them with the tools that they need to succeed in their student and adult lives. One of the ways that the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation works to help these children is by supporting extracurricular programs and encouraging students to participate in them. With a diverse population in the county, Aaron Lupuloff knows that different children will need different tools to do well in school and he wants the district to do everything that they can to be able to provide these to them. The school district is located around Atlanta and contains some of the highest rated schools throughout all of the United States.

According to, while the Gwinnett County Public Schools have already shown a lot of potential and success, Aaron Lupuloff wants to be able to do more as the Senior Executive Director of their Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He has proven himself to be passionate about working to improve student achievement so that they can help support the leaders of the future from the area. The focus of the foundation and Aaron Lupuloff is that they want to ensure that these children are able to be successful in the future through innovations, scholarships, and other forms of support.

One of the ways that Aaron has been able to raise money and interest for the foundation and the initiatives that they lead is to ask for help from everyone that is part of his community instead of just the ones that are viewed as wealthy. Even the smallest donations can help and they all add up. He states that he is excited to see so many teaching professionals show more focus on the students that are considered more difficult than others. They are seeing great results that show that learning bubbles up to the other students and all of them are able to be more successful through these efforts. For more details about Aaron you can visit

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder of the retail conglomerate JD. For the last decade he has built JD into one of the most successful retailers in China. His success has enabled him to receive a lot of recognition. Richard Liu attended an annual business forum to discuss the latest developments for his company as well as his previous background. The meeting at the forum was very intriguing as Richard also talked about his family and his educational background. Before Richard Liu Qiangdong started his career in business, he completed a sociology degree as well as a business degree from leading universities in Beijing.

This allowed him to learn about relevant issues that would enable him to become knowledgeable about how the business world worked. While he was still a student, he also looked to develop marketable skills by learning computer programming. After he was finished with these educational programs, he began to work in the technology sector. For a period of several years, Richard Liu was a professional in the computer and technology sector. He worked as a computer programmer on a freelance contract basis. Richard Liu Qiangdong would eventually join Japan Life and work as its director of computing. His career in technology was quite successful but he wanted to pursue his true passion which was entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurial career of Richard Liu Qiangdong began while he was still a college student. He founded a restaurant which he ran for about one year. Liu said that the restaurant failed within this time period due to him not having the time to run it. However, Richard started up another business after he resigned from Japan Life. His second business was one that sold magneto optics products. Within a year this business shut down because he wasn’t able to sell to customers from remote locations. After shutting down his second business, Richard decided to offer ecommerce with his next business. In 2005, Richard founded JD which he would build into the most successful business of his career. Liu gradually expanded the product selection and geographic presence of the company. Today, it is among the most innovative in the world with drone shipping and ecommerce solutions.

 Nearly 80% of the females are buying lip goods, an increase that the EOS developers Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra found fairly high. They wanted to offer a pleasant and interesting choice to females while also being healthy for the lips. This is why they established EOS, a business that supplies containers in different colors, in a range of flavors, with lip balm.

In order to see what females want, Jonathan and Sanjiv studied the worlds of lip and lip balms. They discovered that most of the goods available on the market were identical and produced by comparable firms. Many of the accessible lip baking products were not only for females that Jonathan and Sanjiv wanted to give at the time they established EOS.

Try EOS Lip Balm Flavors – Sweet Mint

When the couple designed the lip balms of the EOS and the products to be provided until they had a idea that females had in mind, Jonathan retained its composture and patience. The EOS lip baking container is shaped like a tiny egg, which allows you to easily find it in a bag, in the vehicle or in a big bag.

In many homes across the nation, the general layout and flavors, have created EOS a name known. During the EOS design phase, Jonathan and Sanjiv taught a few lessons and many of these lessons can be implemented daily by other businesses and people. EOS has had many great reviews and they only get better. More people give them five stars. They are defiantly at the top of the lip balm game.

Sergey PetrossovA young, energetic entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov has immensely succeeded with the creating of the company JetSmarter. He launched his company in 2013, and it has taken off ever since.

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States when he was four years old. He has lived in several different states but is now settled in Florida. As a young man, he attended the University of Florida and studied finance. Mathematics and analytics were the areas that really drew his interest. He got an early start in technology. By 2013, he founded the company JetSmarter. Now he is the CEO and founder of a widely-successful company that has expanded globally. By 2016 he was on the list of Forbes’ 30 under 30. He is also one of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. Needless to say, Sergey Petrossov is a great example of entrepreneurship and the American Dream.

Sergey PetrossovSo what does this successful business JetSmarter provide? JetSmarter is a membership-based company that connects passengers that wish to charter private jets with those who provide flights. Using an app, users are able to charter flights whether it be an entire jet, or sharing a jet with other passengers. They also have sales and specials for something called “empty leg” flights. These are flights in which a jet may have flown passengers one way, for example, and now need to return to their previous destination or the jet is simply needed elsewhere in a different city. Customers can sometimes charter these “empty leg” flights at reduced rates. JetSmarter now provides services in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. They are also quickly expanding into new areas. The company JetSmarter is now estimated to be worth over 1 billion dollars, has over 260 employees and has served over 45,000 passengers.

In short, Sergey has shown incredible ingenuity and dedication in creating a successful company and a great service that has assisted customers around the world.

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