There are many benefits to IP geolocation in addition to marketing efforts. While businesses of all sizes use IP geolocation for attracting customers, it can also help your business with services that you never knew IP geolocation could do.



Traditional regulations often extend into the virtual environment as well. Online casinos and other gaming / betting houses are required to follow all federal, state and local laws with regard to age limits and location. Some states and municipalities do not allow their residents to use online casinos. IP geolocation can ensure that online casinos and betting houses are not used in restricted areas.



Online fraud is an ever-present threat. IP geolocation can help determine if, for example, a user’s bank account is being accessed by the actual owner or if someone is trying to fraudulently access that account. Once the IP geolocation alarm is triggered, your business can take the extra measures necessary to confirm that the real owner is actually trying to log in to their bank account. This also protects your own business network from possible hacking attempts.



If your business model relies on streaming content, such as movies or music, IP geolocation will help protect the digital rights associated with that content by analyzing when and where your content is being accessed so that any improper distribution may be revealed.



LocationSmart’s global location services can help your business keep track of its assets from devices to advertising efforts. Their platform provides insights into such activities as user verifications, resource tracking and real-time location, job status, device management, IoT, advertising, customer support and more. In addition, the location-as-a-service function improves customer service by providing more relevant data into their current usage of text-based support, online chat, payments and other online business systems.



Continuous monitoring and location determination is available even for devices that are not found through Wi-Fi and GPS, giving your business the ability to find and track any of your devices around the globe. With the ability to locate around 15 billion devices, LocationSmart can provide the optimal location services that your business needs, plus open new avenues for business growth.


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Located in Los Angeles, HCR Wealth Advisors is an institution that offers advisory services to its clients. The firm’s mission and objective are to create a life-long relationship with its customers using education, communication, as well as trust. The organization has cemented its footprints in the market to assist its clients in handling various financial risks while exposing impending dangers in the market. This helps clients to be sure and prepared to handle any issues affecting their businesses. Protecting a client’s privacy is one of the brand’s main objectives. Therefore, the management seeks to help clients to understand all factors affecting their businesses.

The team of professionals also works hard to ensure that privacy is protected. The firm majorly protects every aspect of its clients business. For more than thirty years, HCR Wealth Advisors has devoted itself to work with clients in issuing viable advice to them based on the market fluctuations as well as new investment strategies. The management offers advice regarding various market fluctuations, coupled with the latest investment policies. Every plan is created to support a client or the viability of a business. HCR Wealth Advisors offers tailored strategies to support the client goals or the success of various businesses.

Recently, HCR Wealth Advisors posted an article about the bull vs. bear market debate in the market. In the current financial sector, the market is relatively stark. Action is painting a positive-looking picture. The actual action on the ground seems to be negative. The question begs to ask which statement is right. Investors are also wondering where they can put their resources into good use.

This is one of the main challenges that most individuals face in the sector. It’s vital to understand and identify the existing signals that can affect various businesses. It’s also essential to comprehend the value of these matters. HCR Wealth Advisors highlights critical points that should be checked when discussing issues affecting the industry of stock market. In a chart presented on the same page, readers can analyze a report that shows the index touching existing new highs. HCR Wealth Advisors is focused on helping its members to interpret such issues.


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One of the most talked about HR software solutions, BetterWorks, is now promoting their Team Edition. This package is considered to be one of the most economical packages in HR solutions software, and now it’s now dominating the market when it comes to small and medium size businesses.

Organizations that are agile are relying on their people to get stuff done quickly. Using a software like this makes it easy. Utilizing performance management tools means it’s easy keep things organized amongst teams, as well as the management team.

The difference between those companies that make it and increase their agility as well as their productivity are those that rely on an HR solution like Betterworks. The workforce is riddled with companies and employees that are not prepared, nor are they adequately performing. One will enhance the others.

Some businesses may not have had access to a tool like this before where they could track by teams. BetterWorks Team Edition is in fact one of the finest choices ever to be put on the market today.

Managing performance is everything, and it’s the key to ensuring that your business is running like a well-oiled machine. What reports will help you focus as a business, or as the business owner.

There are tons of options for those who want to measure success by skill or by steps in the project, and it is built for scale.

Betterworks was started in Silicon Valley, and since that time it continues to be one of the top solutions in HR software solutions.

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Hailing from The Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, Eric P. Lefkofsky is a popular and leading innovator and IT guru. Sitting on top of a giant fortune that he has amassed over the course of his career, Lefkofsky is listed on the Forbes prestigious billionaires list. He has started or been a part of a long list of successful companies such as Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, and more.

Due to personal reasons dear to his heart and his overall philanthropic spirit, Eric Lefkofsky decided to leave the pure business realm and enter into life-saving biotechnology. He recently created a new biotechnology company called Tempus. Tempus is currently spearheading ways to vastly improve cancer diagnosis. Through innovative ideas and strategies, Eric has already lead Tempus to the forefront of early cancer detection.

Experts within the biotechnology industry and referring to Tempus as an end-to-end service that helps hospitals and health institutes work together to maximize common goals more efficiently. Tempus is currently building a groundbreaking data set that once fully realized will provide a huge step forward in the fight against cancer. The data set seeks to harness a massive amount of patient-driven data and run it through an algorithm that is able to read gene sequences. The algorithm reads data from thousands of patients and analyzes their genes, thus formulating much better detection protocols against the particular genetic profiles that are at a much higher risk for certain types of cancers.

Where Tempus will generate revenue is by offering select patients their gene-sequencings analysis. In partnership with the cooperation known as Northwestern clinic, Tempus will provide their software in exchange for as much patient data as Northwestern is able to provide. With this data, Tempus will continue to grow their already massive data set to further increase the accuracy of their cancer screening system. The more data Tempus has the more accurate their software will become at early cancer detection.

Many biotechnology experts have noticed that the activities of Tempus and Lefkofsky’s role within the company have largely remained a secret. Is thought that due to the philanthropic aspect of the company that Eric likely wants to pull as much attention away from himself and instead cast the brightest light he can on the battle against cancer itself.

Israeli-born Oren Frank is noted for his work with Talkspace. He is a co-founder of the innovative company that provides mental health services to people where they are whenever they need them.

Frank co-founded Talkspace in 2012 with Roni Frank. The New York-based service provides clients with access to licensed therapists via the website or mobile app. This allows for users to get the help they need even if they are not conveniently located near a therapist’s office.

The advantages of the service are numerous. Clients do not have to travel to a therapist’s office. They have privacy. The cost can be significantly less than seeing a therapist in person. Plus, there is a pool of more than 5,000 therapists, so there is quite a selection available- and without the wait of a traditional therapist’s office. Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

The format of accessible and affordable therapy has proven to be a successful one. The service says that it has helped more than a million people feel happier since its founding seven years ago. Its potential for reaching people is even greater than that, though.

Oren Frank’s vision has attracted the support of some well-known names. Among them is champion swimmer Michael Phelps who has credited therapy with saving his own life. The Olympian has teamed up with the company to represent it with the goal of getting more people the help that they need.

Frank maintains a social media presence. He can be found on Twitter under the user name @orenfrank where he shares a variety of tweets- many promoting his vision of therapy for all. With Talkspace, he is working on achieving that. In the process, he is bringing hope and help to people no matter where they are- and without the financial burden that can sometimes limit access to traditional therapy. Read More:

Alpha Aviation Group is a pilot training school located in the United Arab Emirates. Graduates have a MultiCrew Pilot License (MPL) which allows them to be a co-pilot on a commercial jet. With enough flight time, they qualify for the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) which allows them to pilot aircraft.

This is the leading aviation training firm in the Middle East. Their long term goal is to become a world leader in providing educational content to pilots. AAA focuses on diversity by actively recruiting cadets from multiple countries, including women. To encourage older people to become pilots they recently increased their age limit from 33 to 35.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the entrepreneur behind the success of AAA. He founded its parent company, Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. A businessman in London, he leads the C&C Alpha Group as its director. In his 40s, he has won acclaim for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. This includes Entrepreneur of the Year, which was presented to him at the 2008 Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. Read this article at

While studying international business at Boston University, Bhanu Choudhrie interned at JP Morgan. Graduating in 2000, he moved to London and helped his family set up a private equity firm. C&C Alpha Group has been very successful with 40% of their new ventures succeeding. Establishing Alpha Aviation Group in 2006, he partnered with Prescient Systems to found Alpha Aviation Group. This partnership was created to help manage a growing shortage of commercial pilots.

His business plan is to anticipate how many commercial pilots the aviation industry needs a few years ahead of time. This gives Bhanu Choudhrie and his team time to find new cadets, train them, and have them graduate. This requires extensive knowledge of the global aviation industry as well as business skills.

To create a market for the graduates of AAA, Bhanu Choudhrie has developed partnerships with the two big plane builders, Boeing and Airbus. He has also partnered with air carriers including Philippine Airlines, Air Arabia, Etihad Airways, and VietJet Air. Over 800 graduates of AAA are now working as qualified pilots.


In this age that is dominated by digital and social mediums, a company must change how they sell their products. In a recent article on Medium, Steve Lesnard has determined that two principles will help companies sell in this new digital/social media age.

Steve Lesnard’s first principle is that a company should keep it simple and memorable. When a company introduces their produce, they must clearly state the benefits of getting this product. The company must focus to explain benefits as simply and as memorable as possible. He thinks that a company should pick a land and stay in that lane.

To Steve Lesnard, an example of an advertising campaign that really worked in this Age of Digital is Apple’s campaign called 10K Songs in your Pocket. Apple clearly focused on the iPod’s main benefit of being able to listen to music on the go.

The second principle that Steve Lesnard has for selling a product in the Digital Age is that you must make the storyline about your product as clear as possible. What is ait like when you physically use the product? What does your product do? How would use your product in the real world? If you present the product as energetic and as dynamic as possible, your advertising campaign ahouls make people excited about your product.

Steve Lesnard prefers using videos to show a product in the right context. Video is the best way to get comments from the customer and to show the best features of the product. Videos will convey the storyline for your product in the best possible way.

Who is Steve Lesnard? Lesnard is a person who has an MBA and a Master of Business and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Steve Lesnard says that he is a global brand consultant. He consults with companies about doing their international brand campaigns, launching a product and building strategic partnerships in the sports industry. His main focus does seem to be the sports industry, but his principles should work in any industry.

Lesnard should be listened to about how to sell something in the Age of Digital as he has the experience and wisdom to know what he is talking about.

Too many celebrities have the title of “most influential” just because they’re famous. They start little crappy businesses that sell crappy products, and their fans buy that stuff just because they’re fans. It takes a unique individual to start a company that actually means something to someone.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is not a social media celebrity or a movie star or music artist or anything like that. He’s a genius at building international e-commerce successes. Not too long ago, Richard Liu Qiangdong was still living in an impoverished region of China. He had a plan to grow up and work in politics; he even attended a university because of its elite political ties.

When his grandmother fell ill and his family couldn’t afford her treatment, he began working as a freelance code writer. Earning that much money and being his own boss made him rethink political choice. After earning a sociology degree, he enrolled in the China Europe International Business School and earned an EMBA.

With some of his freelance money and some family loans, he bought a restaurant in college and tried his luck at entrepreneurship. The restaurant failed miserably and left him in debt, but he learned the importance of dedication and determination.

Eventually, he founded, of which he’s currently CEO. is his biggest success and one of China’s largest online companies. He sells billions of products to over 300 million customers throughout China and more all around the world.

He’s won numerous awards and been recognized dozens of times for his outstanding excellence in business and influence. In 2011, he received the “2011 Chinese Economic Person of the Year” award, an award given to him by CCTV. He’s also been named “2012 Chinese Business Leader” and “2012 Chinese Businessman.”

His excellence in business also gets him invited to world-class forums all over the world. He attended the World Economic Forum in Davos. There, he talked to an audience about the challenges he faced when launching

Richard Liu’s: Twitter.

Super successful entrepreneur and international businessman Vijay Eswaran has been studying the habits of millennials. He finds a number of disturbing trends that he says both business owners and millennials themselves must get a handle on to avoid significant problems in the future.

This topic is the thrust of Vijay Eswaran’s book, “Sphere of Silence.” It speaks directly to millions of young people who are working in what is known today as the “gig economy.” The latter refers to nontraditional jobs often interfaced via the internet and worked by freelancers. Another example of a gig economy job is using one’s own car as a taxi service for Uber. Renting a space in your home with Airbnb is yet another example of a gig economy source of income.

Vijay Eswaran said millennials are highly attracted to the gig economy because their values are different from that of their parent’s generation. Twenty-something people are less concerned about buying things like homes and cars. They prefer lifestyles that are not weighed down by mortgages and car payments.

Millennials also value their freedom and the ability to set their own hours and work schedules. Millennials realize that working gig economy jobs means making less money, but they are willing to make that trade-off in exchange for retaining what they view as a greater sense of independence.

But Vijay Eswaran said too many millennials are developing bad habits, much of them enabled by their addiction to technology. He notes that the first thing the average millennial does in the morning is scan their smartphone and the last thing they do at night is scan their smartphone – and that’s while they scan their smartphones throughout the day, as well.

Eswaran said millennials are spending hours of unproductive time wading through unimportant information that is constantly enticing them on social media. He said heavy online time activity is causing millennials to lose sleep, waste time, erode their productivity and keep them off balance. It’s also producing higher rates of depression and alienation.

At the same time, millennials are reporting high rates of stress in large numbers. Their low-paying gig economy jobs require them to work longer hours and for completing tasks that tend to not be unrewarding and not very meaningful.

In his book, Sphere of Silence, Vijay Eswaran offers advice and solutions for young adults who find themselves caught in the negative flow of an increasingly all-pervasive, online-connected virtual world. His main piece of advice is simple but powerful. Mr. Eswaran recommends that millennials take one hour a day to disconnect from all devices and simply sit in a space of peaceful silence. It’s not formal medication, such as TM or Zen, or any sort of religious practice.

Mr. Eswaran recommends an hour of peaceful time might also be used for setting goals, jotting down creative ideas, reading, writing and connecting with one’s own sense of a personal Higher Power. The point is to stop and reflect and break the pervasive hold smartphones and online activity has on millions of young people.

Randal Nardone is Co-founder and CEO of the Fortress Investment Group LLC also FIG LLC. He is also CEO at Fortress Macro Advisors LLC. Moreover, he is Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Principal at FM Falstaff Advisors LLC. At Impac Commercial Holdings Inc., he is the Chief Operating Officer and Secretary. He is also a member of the FOE II LP. He doubles as Secretary and Vice President of the Newcastle Investment Holdings Corporation.

Randal is also director of several other boards namely Springleaf REIT, Inc., Florida East Coast Railway Corp., Eurocastle Investment Ltd., Florida East Coast Holdings Corp., and the Seacastle, Inc. Randal Nardone has served as interim CEO from December 2011 to July 2013 and confirmed CEO in August 2013.

Randal Nardone was Managing Director of UBS between May 1997 and May 1998 before co-founding Fortress in 1998. Before working with the UBS, Nardone had been the Principal of BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. A period before that he was partner and member of the executive committee a law firm, Thacher Proffitt & Wood. For more information about Randal Nardone, view his Crunchbase profile.

Randal Nardone holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He also holds a J.D. from the Boston University School of Law.

Randal’s lifetime successes are attributed to his role at Fortress. His leadership has made the firm one of the world’s best asset-based investments and portfolio management institutions. FIG LLC controls assets worth about $39.2 billion currently. Fortress managed assets of more 1,750 clients and private investors. The assets range from private equity, permanent capital investments, and credit and real estate portfolios. Under the leadership of Randal Nardone, the firm has strived to risk-adjusted returns or its clients over a lengthy period. The company has about 908 asset management employees together with 204 investment professionals at its New York headquarters as well as affiliate offices around the world.