Michael Nierenberg understands the value of revenue streams as he is a finance professional. Michael Nierenberg is certain to diversify his revenue streams and cash flows as the economy hums along in a general fashion. The idea is for finance professionals such as Michael Nierenberg to truly understand what they bring to the table and their industry expertise.

See, Michael Nierenberg, for one is an individual that has been diving deep into the insurance industry. He dives deep into the mortgage industry because he saw that there was a need in this industry and knew that this industry would be around for as long as people wanted houses. People are likely to want ownership of houses for quite a while as this is part of the American Dream, it is a part of the culture.

He knows that as president of the company that it is up to him to present the information correctly, to present marketing strategies in an effective manner and to place capital accordingly to where it makes sense for all involved. As one invests capital properly, it will compound and become valuable over the years. Investing is straightforward if different human actions also remain the same. It is all numbers, and the numbers add up with good volume.

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Maarten De Jeu is considered by many to be one of the most influential figures in the scientific community not only for the work he does on his own but for the work he does in collaboration with children around the country. Maarten De Jeu has been of the opinion that many people are underprivileged in this world for a long time, and ever since he first discovered this bitter but the real truth, he has dedicated his life to doing the best he can in order to counteract the worst parts of our modern society. Learn more: https://www.classicchicagomagazine.com/over-the-moon-msis-columbian-ball/maarten-de-jeu-and-smita-shah_john-wheeler-museum-of-science-and-industry-chicago/


To him, however, he knows that there is a limit to what he can accomplish. There is also a way to utilize his talents in order to push the world forward, and this is what he believes he should be spending his time doing. Having gone through a childhood himself where he was not given every opportunity to succeed, he sympathizes with people who are suffering from something similar, and he believes that he should help them in any way he can. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, as even if one does attain the financial success that is inherently required to make a change in modern-day economy, they will still need to figure out how best to distribute their funds.


Maarten De Jeu believes that many businesses do not do as much as they claim to with regards to philanthropy, as they are simply focused on showing the rest of the world that they are doing good. After that, they do not feel the need to actually take any action to benefit the public, as they have already gotten what they wanted. Maarten De Jeu believes that this system needs some serious refining, and because of this, he has been focused on doing exactly that for many years now.


He wants to ensure that people of all ages are able to succeed if they simply put the work that is required from them into it. After all, it is this process of self-improvement that allowed Maarten De Jeu to attain the position he proudly represents today, and he would never want to lose that position. That being said, he also wants to provide others with the same opportunities, as he does not feel comfortable being at an advantage to others. He has always been taught to put other people before himself, and this is very noticeable from the way he manages his businesses. This is not to say that he is not cautious with his funds, because this is actually paramount to him; rather, it is to say that he has a natural intuition for determining what the best move to make is as a company, and this has led him to global fame. Connect with Maarten on LinkedIn


Jana Lightspeed serves at a top-notch venture capital firm. It is certain that Jana Lightspeed interacts with a variety of people at her firm and as she does her job on a regular basis.

As such, it is important that Jana Lightspeed understands the concepts of a holistic life, understanding balance and providing value overall in every setting that she is a part of.

Being a responsible adult and being a responsible VC is very important to Jana. She knows that as long as she is keeping herself in check and keeping herself balanced overall, that she can live out a great life and do her job quite well.

As a part of her job, she might look at different studies, talk to researchers and learn.

On Mental Health Talk

One key trend in Silicon Valley is that of mental health. As such, she may look at a study by Harvard talking about mental health and joy. One particular study may be of interest. One noted in such a study that those happily married in their 80s tend to have minimal to no effects on their overall mood, even on days when they felt physical pain.

Furthermore, interesting insights on dating apps.

Dating Apps are Not the Only Answer

So what if you are aromantic, recently out of a relationship, or simply single by choice? Would you never be happy?

Thankfully, that is not how it goes.

As mentioned in the study’s findings, happiness is not only dependent on romantic relationships. You could find strong social support in platonic relationships as well.

The key is to find people that you can connect with, the ones you could rely on, and the ones you always have on your side during your highs and lows. Jana is quite likely to heed to these words and see how they translate in the real world.

Find out more about Jana Lightspeed: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkonrad/2018/12/06/vc-firm-lightspeed-adds-five-partners-and-a-growth-guru-in-one-fell-swoop/#50261e4ec042

Recently, Isabel Dos Santos, a highly successful Angolan businesswoman, attended “Africa Summit 2019” in Brussels as a speaker. Isabel is a daughter of the former Angolan President, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, who has been named as the richest woman in Africa with an approximate net worth of $2 billion. Lately, she travels a lot throughout Angola and the world to advance his interests in business and community development.

At the summit, Isabel Dos Santos said that Africa can increase its competitiveness leveraging use of technology as well as education of the African population to use the technology. Digitization is a big challenge facing Africa. Isabel believes that if the population is educated on technology and technology is embraced by everyone in the continent, the continent will develop at a faster rate. Isabel Dos Santos participated in the summit which was organized by a political group of the European Parliament called European Reformists and Conservatives.

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The Unitel President said that in addition to the success of mobile telecommunications in Africa, digital revolution is looming. The e-commerce sector will continue to grow in Africa going into the future and e-commerce sales as well as transactions are surpassing the ones in traditional stores. Additionally, the leader believes that as digitization continues to take root in Africa, digital banking will be also embraced with time.

Isabel Dos Santos pointed out that the urban planning and agricultural sectors are the most affected by the use of technology. Transport issues are still rampant in African issues. Isabel Dos Santos advocates for the application of technology to create innovations to optimize costs and improve the quality of life.

In agriculture, the businesswoman believes that the agricultural sector can be made competitive through the application of state-of-the-art agricultural technology or any other technology to improve production. The focus on agricultural technology will enable optimization of costs and even increase its competitiveness. She also added that populations should be empowered by governments to embrace these concepts and turn them into opportunities. The focus on technological development in the continent involves finding solutions to key issues that affects Africa. Some of the key issues to be dealt with in Africa include unemployment and investment challenges. Visit: http://www.angonoticias.com/Artigos/item/60668/a-nova-vida-de-isabel-dos-santos-na-unitel

The Alive Newspaper article, “Grace Farms Foundation and Sharon Prince Welcome Carrie Mae Weems”, the work of Ms. Weems and her work at the Sharon Prince Grace Farms is discussed.

Carrie Mae Weems is a multi-media artist who uses her talent to confront the “dark and disturbing themes of society.” Ms. Prince expresses her art through lecturing, texts, and photography. She has received numerous awards for her talent in expressive art. Her performances tell stories of “challenging issues”, through her art.

Grace Farms Foundation was opened in October 2015, to provide a place for the community to participate and enjoy nature and community events. The Chair and President, Sharon Prince, has worked to make the center beautiful and unique. The focus of the center is to provide an outlet for the community to express their artistic side and have a place to go to expand their knowledge.  Grace Farms Foundation is located in New Canaan, Connecticut and hosts public programs, a gym, a nature center, and a community garden. Grace Farms Foundation is a non-profit center that provides a place for the community to engage with nature and the arts.

Grace Farms Foundation offers a place to hold workshops, art exhibits, or just a place to experience the beauty of the nature preserves, on which the foundation is located. This center provides an opportunity for community to learn new skills, “voice their opinions”, and be creative. Grace Farms Foundation will definitely provide other areas to develop a similar foundation for their own communities.

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Mark Holyoake is an iconic investor, especially in the food industry. He is an investment genius who saw business opportunities where others failed to see. A perfect example is his investment in Iceland Seafood International. Mark purchased the company when the economic scene in Iceland did not look very promising. Iceland Seafood International was a top seafood company in Iceland, but the economic instability was taking its toll on the company.

Mark believed that under the right leadership, Iceland Seafood International had the potential to continue growing and expanding its areas of operation to Europe. Mark Holyoake provided the leadership that the company needed and after about nine years, the company is a giant in the seafood industry. Mark Holyoake has a wife and three kids. He attended the University of Reading and graduated with a business degree.

Running bis seafood companies is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. Mark Holyoake has directed various companies, and with his expertise, he has transformed them into reputable companies. Looking back to when he started his career, Mark Holyoake wishes that he had taken things slowly and with more patience. Being new to the industry, young entrepreneurs tend to rush things. Mark Holyoake advises against hurrying. According to him, approaching projects with patience yields better results than trying to rush things.

In a bid to be a better businessman, Mark Holyoake tries to share his ideas with as many people as possible. By sharing the ideas, he can get views from different people. Not everybody has the same take on the business. Ideas vary according to backgrounds and experience, Mark, therefore, sources Mark Holyoake’s information from a variety of people. Mark Holyoake works closely with a team of talented people on all his projects. He makes sure that his team members agree with him on different matters before embarking on a project to yield better results.

For More info: angel.co/mark-holyoake

 Gustavo Martinez is among the global leaders in the advertising consultancy and marketing industry. Martinez has worked in the industry for over 35 years. During his tenure in the industry, he has played a significant role in the sector by coming up with innovations and memorable ads that shaped the marketing industry in a big way.

He served J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, a renowned marketing company that stands among the top leaders in the industry as the CEO.

Gustavo worked as the president of two giant companies in the marketing sector. Serving Olgilvy and Mather in such a senior post honed his marketing skills tremendously.

Besides, the experience from McCann Worldgroup positioned him in a better place to master the skills of coming up with brands that would help any company remain at the top.

As an expert in marketing and advertising, Gustavo Martinez notes that the current state of consultancy would affect both of them in different ways.

He notes that in the present world, consultancy is very crucial as far as marketing and advertising is concerned. The reason is that customers’ trends keep changing at a fast rate owing to global digital evolution. In that connection, every company and business must find ways of retaining its market share and growth. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Therefore, Gustavo Martinez adds that the companies that couldn’t position themselves to sustain the current trend must look seek professional help. The contractor or consultant would provide the required operational and strategic advice for helping them catch up with the trend. He added that creativity is the secret weapon of surviving in the current competitive advertising and marketing industry.

According to Martinez, the advertising and consultancy guru, the industry embraces different rules to success compared to other sectors. He admits that any company that intends to prosper in the industry must seek help from professional marketing and advertising consultants. The professionals would help the company achieve its goal by providing proper guidance according to the changes in the advertising market.

Due to the dynamic change in technology, advertising and marketing have better days ahead. More products continue entering the market, making the industry better.

Additionally, the Internet of Things is changing every sector for the better, and the marketing industry is not an exception. Martinez is optimistic that the Internet of Things would revolutionize the marketing sector hence attracting more players.

Concisely, Martinez advises the players in the industry to embrace generosity and patience in their daily duties. He continues to address the young generation to learn from talented people and be good listeners. Gustavo notes that hiring top talent is very crucial in every business. He admits that he invested a lot in recruiting professionals in the industry that paved the way for his success.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers now offer ingenious methods for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Traditionally, those diagnosed with this disorder are prescribed medication. These medicines are stimulants and can become extremely addictive. Furthermore, their use in the long-term may not be an adequate treatment.

Neurocore offers neurotherapy, or neurofeedback. This therapy works to train the brain and improve its neuroplasty. The first step involves using electroencephalography (EEG). Electrodes are placed on the patient’s head, and a report is produced that provides the neuropsychologist with a map of your mind. Armed with this feedback, the neuropsychologist, can pinpoint what may be creating a mental disorder. Finally, the patient will receive neurofeedback, which consists of either playing a game, watching a movie or listening to music. Once the patient’s brain activity becomes irregular, the activity is halted.

In addition to this neurofeedback, Neurocore helps patients with biofeedback training (HRV Training), or heart rate variability. This method focuses in on training patients to breathe properly. Oxygen in the brain helps it function at optimal levels. They also encourage a heart-healthy diet. Eating proper foods ensures the brain is also functioning at its maximum potential. Those with ADHD are also challenged to exercise regularly.

Neurocore encourages those who think they may have ADHD to seek treatment. Children, teens, and adults can and do have ADHD. Without treatment, this disorder can eventually create several problems that can ultimately be avoided.

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Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian financial expert, that serves on the board of many companies in Brazil. In addition to holding many positions on many Brazilian companies, he is also well known for advising business arrangements between the Brazilian government and the private industry. Although Felipe plays a major role with the Brazilian government in Public Private Partnerships, he is primarily known for working on Infrastructure projects throughout Brazil.

A very well-educated person, Felipe attended Oregon University In 1998 and later transferred to UC Santa Barbara where he obtained a Bachelor’s in Spanish and History. Felipe being knowledge driven, later pursued his Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotions, and Masters in Business Administration. Continuing with excellence, Felipe was able to hold positions as a Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and Head Of Project Finance where he has raised over $1.5 billion for a long-term project financing. Visit his website felipemontorojens.com to learn more.

Being faced with tough competition after graduating, Felipe found himself in a very rewarding position allowing him to work internationally with countries such as Europe, Africa, Portugal, Latin America and Brazil. Most of the work he was doing in these countries required him to have extensive knowledge and oil, mining and energy. He was responsible for overseeing the new investments of capital in these countries.

Having 25 years of thorough experience, Felipe has been able to diversify his business background. With a very effective past with infrastructure projects, his skill in helping corporations eliminate waste with a cost effective solution while helping to increase profits is skill not to overlook. Working with state governments, and corporations, Felipe is well prepared to take on many tasks in the business sector and has proven himself as an effective leader with effective solutions. He will continue succeed and play an important role in the business world. Read: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden has been described as one of the best sort plastic surgeons in the state of Texas by the local monthly magazine as per the year of 2014.She grew up in Austin. She is however based in New York City where she owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre as well as skintology MedSpa. Her facility focuses in lending its clients with hair removal services by exposing their pulses to laser light that destroys hair follicle. This process is better known as laser hair removal. Apart from owning her own clinic Dr. Walden acts as the communication executive as well being the directorate for America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Laser hair removal has over the years been used in the field of medicine. Laser hair removal focuses in getting rid of unwanted hair ranging from the hairs on the legs, hairs on men chest as well as the hair under our arms, name it, this process offers effective solution for permanently getting rid of such concerns. With her able team, Dr. Walden works with all clients from all works of life in advising them on the best treatment options to choose from in order for them to make an informed decision and meet their needs. This method of hair removal helps in preventing reproduction of hair on the part of the body where you feel that there is too much of unwanted hair. This helps you keep neat and clean on those areas.

Due to improved technology over the years, laser hair removal therapy can be used by any patient from all walks of life, be it a black or white person who possess different hair color. Dr. Walden has had a number of working experiences in her profession, having worked for Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in the state of Manhattan. She is a strongly advocates for good health care especially to the vulnerable people and empowering all people from all angles of life. She has received a number of accolades to recognize her noble efforts. She is also a mother cum writer.

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