Glenn Schlossberg is an American businessman who founded the Jump Design Group, a successful retail company that sells clothing and other related materials. Last year, the company acquired Cathy Daniels, a popular sportswear brand. The company took ownership of all the assets attributed to Cathy Daniels, and they will also take ownership of the brand’s warehouses and production plants. However, the leadership of Cathy Daniels will never change, as Jerry Passaretti will keep his position as the brand’s president. He will be joining the management team of the Jump Design Group, and according to the company, they will be open with suggestions and recommendations coming from him.



According to PR Newswire, the current chief executive officer of the Jump Design Group, they acquired Cathy Daniels because of their great performance in the last few years. He also added that they would never consider acquiring companies which are no longer making profit, as they do not want to take a risk. The acquisition of Cathy Daniels is a strategy from the Jump Design Group to increase the awareness about their brand, and they also wanted to become a flexible company that could venture in various business units. The CEO also highlighted that Schlossberg will be very proud knowing that the business he established is now trying to expand its influence and dominating the market for clothing retail.



Ashesh Amin has been working with Glenn Schlossberg for years, and he believed that the founder of the Jump Design Group should be credited for the growth of the business. Glenn said that the founder had a lot of ideas for the company, and he did his best applying all of these changes for the benefit of the company’s employees. He also stated that Glenn Schlossberg have always wanted to apply changes which will allow the Jump Design Group to rely heavily into technology which will expand their reach and market share. The acquisition of Cathy Daniels, according to the present CEO of the company, is just the beginning, and they have already laid down their next plans, talking with other businesses which they wanted to acquire. Check out for more information.




Jason Hope is a philanthropist, businessman, and investor. Graduating from Arizona State University, Jason Hope earned his BS degree in Finance. Later, he earned his MBA at W. P. Carey School of Business which is also part of Arizona State University. As a businessman, he created a mobile communications company. Since the founding of his company, Jason Hope now focuses his attention on investing in biotechnology as well as humanitarian efforts.


Today, we take a look at an article dated February 27th, 2018. The article begins with Jason Hope’s enthusiasm on the subject of “anti-aging research”. Fusing his entrepreneurship with philanthropy, he states that “cutting-edge technology can prevent diseases”.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to the Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation (SENS) to research techniques that can slow the aging process as well as the effects of aging. The article moves on to talk about how Mr. Hope’s donation will create opportunities for new “strategies” that can make improvements in “health in the mitochondria” and the rejuvenation of aging cells.

Next, the article describes an enzyme called, telomerase. This enzyme is described as, “sections of chromosomes that protect the genetic material within the cells …” If there are great numbers of the telomerase enzyme, it will aid in slowing or preventing the effects of the aging process. Another benefit described in reference to the enzyme can alleviate the risk of conditions related to “chronic inflammation”.

It then talks about medical conditions and briefly discusses dementia. The organization is researching new techniques that can help in the prevention of high levels of inflammatory compounds, which can lead to the development of dementia.

The article moves forward to discuss cells, specifically, senescent cells. These cells are described to “release compounds” that cause inflammation. It goes on to briefly describe senescent cells and the role it plays in medications.

The article covers subjects relating to the aging process. Topics include cellular atrophy, extracellular matrix, and a discussion about improvements to the mitochondria. The article ends with Mr. Hope’s educational and entrepreneurial background.

Betsy DeVos has worked within education reform for most of her career. She started at Calvin College, getting involved in student government early on, and then she joined the Gerald Ford campaign. While she has always been active in the Michigan Republican Party, it wasn’t until 2016 that she was able to hold an official political office. She had finally gotten her dream, to become the 11th US Education Secretary.


However, there were issues for the new secretary. For one, she had never been a teacher. Many believed that she didn’t have the experience. However, if you knew anything about Betsy DeVos‘ background, it was that she had been fighting for student education rights since the 1990s.


DeVos grew up with a public school teacher. Her mother had taught at the nearby school, and Betsy knew what it was like to want to do more for students. That’s why she says that she always puts students first when it comes to new policies. She also doesn’t seem to care about opponents who claim that educational choice is a slippery slope to paying for private schools with public funding. However, DeVos remarked in a recent interview with “60 Minutes” that people simply didn’t understand.


Philanthropy has actually been the biggest supporter for private choice. Now students are able to pick where they want to go to school. They no longer have to choose a school where they are zoned, but rather, they can go wherever they want. However, they still have to apply and get accepted into these programs. DeVos has been working with students across the country to get more educational choice options available, but it’s been difficult so far.


She has only been able to get a few states to keep educational choice options. These include Florida and Louisiana. Florida is the most successful, according to DeVos. This state has the most options, including magnet programs, homeschooling programs, virtual schools, charter schools, and private schools. In addition, Florida is the only state to have a tuition-based scholarship for students who apply and get accepted into private schools.


not everything is so cut and dry according to Betsy DeVos. She has been trying to help students understand their potential and do better in school, while also trying to affect gun safety and campus safety. She was placed in charge of school safety reform as well in 2018 by President Trump. Since then, new policies have changed the way that campus security is run and there are more safety drills. DeVos hopes that this will make it safer for students to go to school without having to add more guns onto campuses.


DeVos will continue to champion educational reform, believing that private choice is the best option for students in the country right now.


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After starting his real estate career, José Auriemo Neto knew he had to do a lot of work to make sure he could help people understand the work he did. He spent time in both the commercial and residential sectors and knew just what to do to make the real estate properties better. As a real estate developer, he spends a lot of time trying to help people understand how the properties will keep getting better and what people can do to make a difference when they’re dealing with property options. It’s also important for Brazilian entrepreneur Jose Auriemo Neto to make sure he can help people understand what he does with the properties.

By focusing on the commercial real estate sector, José Auriemo Neto had a chance to make a name for himself. He knew what people wanted to see when they were dealing with commercial real estate developments and how it was going to impact the way he did business. He also knew things would keep getting better and that’s something that pushed him to make all the right choices for the future. Between his hard work in the real estate industry and the things he does with other people, José Auriemo Neto knows there are options he’s able to use to help people. It’s also a way for him to focus on changes to the way the industry works in Brazil.

After seeing a lot of success in commercial real estate, José Auriemo Neto knew he could work on residential real estate. It gave him a chance to try different things and made him want to help even more people with the options he could use. He also felt good about giving people what they were looking for even though there were other developers in the area. Thanks to his working dedication and the way he did business, José Auriemo Neto was successful as a residential developer just as he was when he was a commercial developer. Doing these things helped enhance his working career and propel him forward so he could help even more people out in his area of Brazil in the future.

What is InnovaCare Health? And why do 70% of people in North America seek their services? InnovaCare is a popular organization that provides quality clinical programs to more than 70,000 people in North America. What makes them so successful? Well, the organization has a culture that puts patients first. They also believe in innovative medical practices and quality medical care. The organization also has an exceptional management team. They recently added three members to their executive team to help the organization become more effective and innovative.

One of the new team members is Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as serve as the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides is talented and is helping InnovaCare Health achieve its goal of becoming the undisputed leader in the provision of quality healthcare programs. Now that you know what InnovaCare is and why they are gaining popularity in North America, let us focus on Richard Shinto, the man who helped make InnovaCare Health the giant it is today.

Who’s Richard Shinto?

Richard Shinto, also known as Rick Shinto, is InnovaCare’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He is the man who came up with innovative health programs and strategies that have helped InnovaCare reach more patients and penetrate more regions. What was Richard Shinto doing before he joined InnovaCare?

Career History

After graduating, Shinto went to work as a pulmonologist in Southern California. A few months later, he joined MedPartners and served as their Corporate Vice President. After one year, he moved to Orange County to join Cal Optima Health Plan. At Cal Optima Health Plan, the exceptional leader served as Chief Medical Officer. He then went on to join the team at NAMM. In 2008, his leadership skills and expertise secured him a post as a CEO of Aveta.

Education And Awards

Rick Shinto received his B.S degree from the University of California. He also holds a medical degree from the States University of New York. But that’s not all. The medical expert also holds an MBA from the University of Redlands. Shinto’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has been a recipient of many awards. For instance, he recently received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his exceptional leadership skills, commitment, and cerebral strategies.

Aside from being the President and CEO of Innovacare Health, Shinto also writes informative healthcare articles. The articles mostly emphasize the development of healthcare options that focus on the needs of the neglected patients.

Talos Energy is an iconic oil and gas company focusing on offshore exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. The company specializes in acquiring assets for optimization, exploitation, and exploration of natural gas and oil. The management team of the company has notable expertise and vast experience in geophysical and geological operations. The company has a strategy of maintaining and improving every aspect of its operation to boost their production, performance, as well as increase hydrocarbon recovery. To do this, the company ought to develop and utilize modern specialized drilling techniques and completion strategies. However, Talos Energy seeks to fulfill all its operations in full compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Over the past few decades, Talos energy has experienced massive transformations. Also, the company has undergone a dramatic expansion through acquisition of other oil companies as well as other private properties. Talos, under the current leadership, has depicted a unique ability to seize and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As an independent oil company, Talos has made some significant milestones and discoveries and most notably, The Zama-1 discovery. This was a discovery that was surrounded with a high-risk factor, but in the end, it paid off handsomely as the company got to discover one of the largest oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has established an excellent reputation in the strategic acquisition and responsible development.

Talos Energy, a company that has always been on the move and rise to greatness, has consistently ranked as a top workplace. Through technology and innovation, the company, has been able to discover highly valuable resources that most people thought they did not exist. The company aims at developing innovative reprocessing techniques and thus have multiple career opportunities in technology, production, corporate disciplines, and exploration. The company offers flexible working schedules with highly competitive allowances, benefits, and programs to enhance a superb balance between profession and life. Besides, the employees are granted with opportunities to learn more, advance, and establish their careers. The company has always been ranked as a top workplace with most referrals to job opportunities coming from the company’s employee’s base.

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There are few stores that will get a women’s attention and the RealReal is one of them. That is mainly because of what the store consists of. People are selling their clothing that they do not want anymore and the fact that what they are selling happens to be fabulous apparel makes you wonder why they are giving them up so easily. Whatever the case, this store has some very interesting and wonderful pieces of clothing that no one is willing to pass up.

The RealReal is a consignment store. If people are wanting to sell their items, they send it or take to this store for the general public to buy. The RealReal sets the price of the item and once it is bought the owner gets the money with the company getting a percentage also. There are some fantastic deals that can not be passed upon this companies site. I have found somethings myself that I have wanted. Everything is priced to sell and most of the time there is only one of that item. So if you are planning to get your hands on something you see, act quickly because somebody else likes it too. You can not change your mind and come back to it because it will be gone.

The RealReal is an awesome place to shop and if you are looking for anything to add to your closet, you want to look here. You will definitely find what you are looking for and it’s vintage clothing in most cases. You will find that you can compliment your wardrobe with pieces from this company that will leave looking very nice and in some cases professional. If you want sexy, they have that too. Get your clothes from the RealReal for your new look.

Wen by Chaz is a very popular shampoo and conditioning product that has flooded the mainstream with the promise of helping women grow their hair. The unique formula in Wen by Chaz helps hair stay healthy, helps hair grow, and avoids the common issues that women have with their hair. Take a look at what women can do with their hair when they are using this product to wash every day.

  1. The Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamins and minerals in this shampoo are used to help hair grow from the roots up. Hair that is growing aggressively will need to be moisturized, and this shampoo provides the amount of moisture that is needed. The shampoo also helps women keep their hair from splitting as it grows. When this happens, their hair will start to get thicker.

  1. Thickening Hair

Women who have thinning hair cannot get any undergrowth because their hair is not very healthy. The only way to solve this problem is to use the Wen by Chaz shampoo every day, recommends Total Beauty. Hair that is growing in a healthy way leaves room for more undergrowth, and a woman’s hair will get very thick over time.

  1. The Shampoo Is Easy To Use

The shampoo is very easy to use, and it was designed so that you do not need to use more than a dollop to get your hair clean. You can massage the WEN shampoo into your hair in the shower, and it will help treat each part of your scalp so that you can see a difference in your hair growth and overall texture.

  1. Conclusion

Wen by Chaz is the best shampoo for a woman to use when she is worried about thinning hair, unhealthy hair, or hair that always splits. The Wen Hair Care treatment keeps hair growing so that it can thicken once again. Follow Wen on Twitter for updates and more hair care tips.


Americans have a very hard time when trying to get an investment profitable. With people from all over the world running into this nation so that they can invest their wealth, earning profits has become so challenging. In order to become a top successful businessman in the United States, it is very important to seek assistance from experts who will guide you and show you the path that will never make you regret. Ted Bauman is among the people who are willing to help Americans invest wisely. The finance executive wants all people to have financial freedom that is only possible when people have a great business. Bauman was born in the US, and he spent childhood in Washington. This means that he understands the struggles his people have to deal with by the time they are making it in life.

Ted Bauman found a way to leave his country when he was at the university. Bauman settled in South Africa where he went to complete his studies at the prestigious Cape Town University. When at this learning institution, the businessman concentrated on economics and history. Living in South Africa was the right career choice for Ted Bauman. The country has so many opportunities to offer. Bauman chose to assist the low income families in the country with their housing needs. Ted Bauman lived in South African for more than twenty years, and by the time he was leaving; he had worked with many non-governmental companies to bring change in the African country. The finance expert had also made a significant impact on the lives of immigrants by offering them advice.

When Ted Bauman arrived home, he felt that he would make a bigger impact on the society through writing. Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publications where he has been writing several newsletters. People have benefited from the expert advice offered by the businessman in the recent years. The people who have taken the advice from Ted are enjoying a good career life with the great incomes. The editor has also been advising his followers about international immigration issues. According to him, immigrants have a right to a good life just like any other person.

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In the past few years the conversation of mental health has come to the forefront of our society, however, many of its stigmas still linger and often keep those who need the most help from seeking it. In hopes to remove negative stigmas and reach as many people as possible, TalkSpace, an app-based therapy provider that allows its users to directly connect with a licensed therapist via text or video chat has recently announced that they will be partnering up with Olympian gold medalist Micahel Phelps in order to further spread the message that aid is available, anytime and anywhere. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

Michael Phelps who himself has previously spoken about his struggles with mental illness will provide a connection to those struggling with mental illness through a nationwide television campaign. Phelps stated that throughout his career he would struggle with mental illness, however, he never had a private outlet to deal with it, not until he discovered TalkSpace. His goal through this campaign is to make the public aware that there is helps readily available and at an extremely affordable price. The inclusion of Phelps into the TalkSpace team will convey the message that mental illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone of us.

In addition to his role as a spokesperson for the company, CEO Oren Frank has announced that Phelps will also work with the Talkspace advisory team in order to provide insights on the struggles of mental illness and suggestions on how the company can better there service. Talkspace VP of Marketing Michael Kuznetsov stated that Phelps story is a powerful one and his own experience with mental illness will aid in the companies goal to reach as many people as possible in order to provide them with the help they need. The partnership will include not only a televise campaign but will also include social media ads featuring Phelps.