Recently, at the behest of President of the United States, Donald Trump, United States District Judge, Sharon R. Bolton made good on the pardoning of Maricopa County’s former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

While the decision was not exactly a surprise to those who’ve followed the many sagas of Joe Arpaio, the decision was met with outrage by the citizens that Joe Arpaio violated for so long, particularly his longtime foes, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Michael Lacey recently took to the media, citing Donald Trump’s relationship with “Sheriff Joe” as “the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals.”

This comes as no surprise as the notorious feud between Joe Arpaio and the former heads of New Times Media, came to a head ten years ago when he had his deputies roust them from their homes and unlawfully arrested. While the charges were dropped in less than 24 hours, a three-year court battle ensued which resulted in Larkin and Lacey being awarded a $3.75 million settlement.

The turmoil resulting from the United State’s involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as the Kent State shootings, which resulted in the death of four students at the hands of Ohio National Guardsmen, was the seed that sparked Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, staunch anti-war supporters, to becoming involved with the launch of Phoenix New Times in 1970.

Alongside a dedicated team, which included Karen Lofgren, Frank Fiore, Nick Stupey, and Hal Smith, Michael Lacey, who had already dropped out of Arizona State University, gave rise to the alternative newspaper, generating significant acclaim.

Jim Larkin would join Phoenix New Times two years later, covering the business and marketing aspects of the brand, while Michael Lacey oversaw operations in an editorial capacity. At the time, there was estimated to be around 500 underground newspapers in circulation around the United States – all offshoots of the originator, New York’s Village Voice.

Covering a wide range of social and political events, both national and local, Phoenix New Times quickly garnered the attention of several notable organizations, in particular, J.C. Penny, who took out several full-page advertisements, quickly boosting their stock within the alternatives community.

In 1983, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would make the most significant leap of their careers with the acquisition of Westword – a news-and-arts weekly created by Patricia Calhoun that serviced the Denver, Colorado area. This move eventually led to the purchase of 17 additional publications with similar missions, allowing the voices of Larkin and Lacey to reach coast to coast in America.

Sticking to their signature style of narrative journalism, the publications under the New Times Media brand would go on to garner a myriad of awards and accolades, including earning a Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

After a four-decade run of dominance amongst the alternative newspaper community, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey said goodbye to the publication that they’d dedicated their lives to, choosing to focus on The Frontera Fund, as well as their newest iteration in online media, FrontPage Confidential.

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When we think about the different backgrounds of our esteemed designers themselves, who hail from such far-flung locales as China to Maine, as well as many places in between, the audience was duly impressed. Famous attendees included Ms. J Alexander, of America’s Next Top Model fame, and the well-regarded Sara Kozlowski, who directs the Education and Professional Development Program at CFDA. For a brief fifteen minutes on the runway, participants were asked to put in hours of training and practice, including workshops, formal coursework, work practicums, and unexpected changes in the schedule. Finally, the designers were given the chance to show off their ideas for the future in front of an audience made up of other designers, possible mentors, and the entire planet via streaming video.



Previously known as Academy of Art College, The Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, was founded in 1929. As the largest independent art and design institute in America, it boasts a faculty of nearly three-hundred, with over a thousand staff members and just over twelve-thousand full-time students. It was founded by Mr. Richard S. Stephens. Its campus, on New Montgomery Street, is known to have one of the largest properties in the San Francisco area.



The university is owner of some two hundred vintage automobiles, and its collection includes the most valuable and rarely seen cars in the world. Forbes has in fact estimated that the collection is worth more than seventy million dollars.



The Urban Knights compete in the Pacific West Conference. In NCAA Division II, the Knights compete successfully in nine sports. Cross-country is especially well-regarded, with men earning second place during the 2014 to 2015 season, and women reaching fourth place, a record at the time. The university also shows strongly in track and field, with seven All-Americans and Jordan Edwards as an individual champion in 2015.


A successful entrepreneur is a person who can develop and sustain a business successfully. This requires core skills of human resource management, vision for growth and commitment towards a goal. Jacob Gottlieb meets all these criteria and has made a place for himself in the investment world.



Jacob Gottlieb was born to Polish parents in Brooklyn in the year Max Gottlieb, Jacob Gottlieb’s father migrated to Poland many years back. He works as a university professor in Economics at the City University of New York. Jacob Gottlieb’s mother, Helena Gottlieb is a pediatrician at Staten Island, New York. Jacob Gottlieb drew inspiration from the diverse professions of his parents He went on to pursue both Economics and Medicine. Mr. Gottlieb received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Rhode Island’s Brown University. He achieved his Master’s degree in Medicine at New York University School of Medicine. Jacob Gottlieb further completed a medical internship at a New York City’s Hospital. However, his ultimate passion lay in the investment domain, which is where he developed his career. The Association for Investment Management and Research awarded him the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst in 2001.



During his childhood years, Jacob Gottlieb was a baseball enthusiast and card collector. His talent for investment came into the spotlight when he won a school competition. The contest involved making astute decisions regarding the most suitable stocks to buy. Jacob Gottlieb’s instincts for investments made him win this challenge. His father acknowledged his financial skills and encouraged Jacob Gottlieb to begin investing his savings via a bank account. Jacob Gottlieb has always been a hard-working person. He took up a job as assistant to golfers at a golf course and efficiently carried out his duties. His early roles helped him learn the ropes of running a business successfully.



Jacob Gottlieb’s most prominent entrepreneurial success was the foundation of Visium Asset Management LLC. He functioned as Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of this company. In 2013, this firm managed assets worth 4.7 billion dollars through its work with six privately-owned funds. Visium enterprises were headquartered in New York and went on to manage 3.5 billion dollars through stocks and assets.



Jacob Gottlieb honed his investment skills through the many executive positions he occupied in the past. He was a partner at Balyasny Asset Management L.P. from the year 2001 to 2005. He functioned as Portfolio Manager at this company. Prior to this, Jaco Gottlieb worked at Merlin Financial as Portfolio Manager. He also attained work experience as an analyst for buy-side investments at Sanford C. Bernstein company.


Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb contributes to society through the multiple non-profit organizations that he supports. These include the Math for America charity. This group is dedicated to the cause of promoting mathematics and science initiatives all around the country. This it sone through fellowships offered to both fresh as well as experienced educators. Once a teacher becomes a fellow, he or she becomes part of a prestigious society of experts and professionals who take an active role in the advancement of mathematics and science.



Not all forms of body enhancement are as openly referenced as the traditional facelift. Yet, they’re nonetheless of real concern to many. For example, many concern themselves not just with what can be seen from the front, but with the view they present from behind. It actually makes prefect sense that a posterior region, having lost its shapliness because of weight loss, should find the road to a renewed hour-glass figure via a procedure that references the bikini-clad denizens of Rio. Although, for those whose main concern is their dropping dermis, a traditional surgery, where excision, rather than augmentation, is the focus, could suffice. However, for those seeking a plumper package for the filling out of their favorite pair of jeans, The Brazilian Butt Lift could be the solution to their dreams.


For Dallas denizens, North Texas Plastic surgery is one place to go. The procedure which makes use of fat acquired from those vicinities where most don’t want it, like the abdomen, uses the repurposed lipids to re-contour not just the nether quarters, but the waist as well, to give the body that hour glass look women want. Ideal candidates For the Brazilian Lift should have a healthy mental outlook,no over-glamorized expectations, a stable weight, decent health, not be a smoker, or excessive drinker, someone with excess folds, or fat, that has at least tried to tighten the area by natural means.


These candidates, should they be living and working in the Dallas, Texas area might consider the Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center. Surgeons who specialize in the increasingly popular field of butt augmentation don’t necessarily abound in Dallas, but Dr. M.L.Thornton of the Mansfield clinic is one such, another is Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical, in Dallas, a site featured on Good Morning Texas, for its cutting-edge activated fat technology methods.


Dr. Mark Mofid is considered as one of the most proficient and knowledgeable plastic surgeons in the San Diego and LaJolla area. A board-certified surgeon, who is an avid faculty member of the University of California’s plastic surgery division. He is also a remarkable writer of numerous compelling publications on breast and facial surgery that has featured in the famous journal, “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”. Dr. Mark Mofid is avid when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, offering his patients the most state of the art aesthetic procedures in the area.

The physical appearance of many of the United States’ citizens is highly important. When youth, attractiveness and bodily comfort is tested, many take action to overcome any challenges faced in such regard. Dr. Mofid is one of the most recommended plastic surgeons in the San Diego and La Jolla area. Whether a patient is looking for non invasive, invasive or minimal procedures, Dr. Mofid can successfully deliver. Through his continuous hands-on experience and studies on such matters, he is accurately able to successfully deliver optimum aesthetic procedure results from the most recent stage of development in such respects that increasingly satisfies.

As non-invasive and minimal physical appearance aesthetic procedures have been more popular these days, patients rely on Mark for botox, filler injections, laser hair reductions, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, intense pulsed light photorejuvenation and many other aesthetic procedures. Both invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedures have been a hit with Dr. Mofid, leaving patients looking alot more youthful and so natural that others had not a clue that any aesthetic procedures were administered.

The number of non-invasive and minimal procedure patients have grown for Dr. Mofid over the years and this is not only due to the trend of such procedures, but because of the results developed by Dr. Mofid’s proficiency. So many patients are totally satisfied with the aesthetic results of not having to take an invasive approach, but still alter the body to a more pleasing outcome without it.

Dr. Mark Mofid is absolutely your ticket to outstanding state of the art aesthetic procedures in which are extremely proficient and loved by patients. When it comes to youth and a more natural appearance, non-invasive and minimal procedures are definitely becoming more popular and Dr. Mark Mofid is a genius in such regard. Dr. Mark Mofid is currently a staff surgeon at multiplehospitals: Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, Palomar Medical Center in Escondido and Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. He also administers valued reconstructive surgery procedures as well.

What in the world makes Ronald Fowlkes tick on a daily basis? Answering that question isn’t difficult at all. Ronnie Fowlkes is a prominent business development supervisor who has employment through Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has roots in St. Louis, Missouri as well. He’s delighted to live in the Midwestern destination at the moment. He’s been a big part of the city for a lengthy stretch of time. People who have questions that relate to businesses in St. Louis can pose them to Fowlkes. People who want quality recommendations regarding St. Louis dining establishments, points of interest and beyond can have thorough discusses with the man himself, too.


Fowlkes attained a position with Eagle Industries Unlimited close to a full decade ago in 2008. He’s been going incredibly strong with the business since then as well. Eagle Industries Unlimited is a powerhouse in the world of first-class tactical gear items. It doesn’t matter if an individual is on the lookout for slings, pockets, chest rigs or anything else of the sort. The Eagle Industries Unlimited team can tend to him or her. This company has a selection that consists of thousands and thousands of items in total. Browsing them can be a task that calls for a major time commitment. People who want to know a lot more about Eagle Industries Unlimited’s offerings, however, can always bank on Fowlkes’ expertise. He’s an incredibly knowledgeable worker. He’s so knowledgeable that he actually handles all types of training requirements within the company. He thoroughly and efficiently trains countless people at Eagles Industries Unlimited on an annual basis. People who want to know about correct harness use can turn to this man. People who want information that involves suitable sling materials can turn to this man as well. There’s no tactical gear concern that he cannot skillfully and accurately address.


Ronald Fowlkes is enthusiastic about heading to his job each morning. People who are familiar with him see that, too. He always has a big smile on face. It doesn’t matter if he’s training someone, learning about brand new offerings or taking a pressing phone call. He’s always 100 percent focused on the tasks that are right in front of him. His work ethic is strong and unwavering. That doesn’t shock anyone, though. He used to be a part of the military for the United States. He was employed in law enforcement for an impressive span of time, too.


Fowlkes is a serious career man who is constantly looking to expand his mind and horizons. He’s also a compassionate person who believes in helping other human beings around him. That’s the reason that volunteer activities have always been endlessly appealing and interesting to him.


It is more common than believed that someone is going to have a good idea. One of the most interesting things about ideas is that they are not always going to be realized. Another thing is that some of the most successful world changing businesses have started from some really amazing ideas. The only thing that is missing is the follow through. Lori Senecal has a lot to say about having some good ideas. One thing that she has said is that the only good idea is one that is realized. Another interesting thing that is pointed out when it comes to ideas is that there are a steps of adjustments that need to be undergone before it becomes realized

One thing that Lori Senecal believes is important in order to bring ideas to life is radical collaboration. When people collaborate with one another, then they are able to not only come up with a great sounding idea, but also find ways to make sure that the idea is going to work well. This includes fixing any holes in logic or errors in the idea. One thing that people do need to understand before moving forward is that ideas need time and space to develop. Check out huffingtonpost to know more.

One of the best things to do when developing ideas is to make sure that the people working on the ideas have similar insights. Therefore, they will know what is going to fit well with the idea and enhance it. When people have the same goals, then they are going to work together to bring about some of the best goals. When Lori Senecal is working with her team, she encourages people to think about their ideas and find the best ones. Afterwards, they get to develop the best ones in order to move the company forward in the most helpful way. You can visit YouTube to watch more videos.

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