Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are longtime business partners. They cofounded Front Page Confidential, a journalism company. They work out of their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and write about politics and other things that affect the community.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used to be the owners of Village Voice Media before they decided to sell the company. 10 years ago they were illegally arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The ostensible reason they were arrested was that they had written about secret grand jury proceedings.

The true reason they were arrested, though, was because Joe Arpaio didn’t like that they often provided light on the illegal and disgusting things that he did while serving as the sheriff. At the time they owned Phoenix New Times which is where the articles appeared.

When they owned Village Voice Media Jim Larkin acted as the company’s chief executive officer. Michael Lacey was the executive editor. Because they were the top two executives of Village Voice Media is the reason that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had targeted them for arrest.

Arpaio didn’t like that his department and his own activities had come under scrutiny by this newspaper since he had been elected as sheriff in 1992. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin and http://james-larkin.com/about/

Front Page Confidential now has a story about their arrest that was written by Stephen Lemons, a distinguished reporter. He explains many of the things that Lacey and Larkin’s newspaper had uncovered about Arpaio such as pregnant women being handcuffed to beds once they were ready to give birth. It also covered the Phoenix New Times articles about how many detainees had died under suspicious circumstances while being held in Arpaio’s jails.

After Larkin and Lacey’s arrests had come to light the day after their arrest it was reported on by news outlets all over the country since it was so obviously illegal that they had been arrested for using their free speech rights. The Maricopa County attorney quickly held a press conference that day announcing that he had shut down their arrest and that they wouldn’t be charged with any crimes.

After these events, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sued the county for violating their rights. The lawsuit took five years to finally be resolved but in the end they were given a $3.75 million settlement.

They used the money to set up a nonprofit called Frontera Fund. This fund is dedicated to defending the right of immigrants and migrants, two classes of people that Sheriff Arpaio had been targeting for arrest for years. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

As for Sheriff Arpaio, he was ordered by a judge to stop targeting Latino drivers for arrest. He ignored the judge, claiming he didn’t understand the order, and was ultimately convicted of criminal contempt of court. Unfortunately, Arpaio had spent a number of years buddying up to Donald Trump, such as being one of the earliest supporters of the birther movement.

This relationship between Arpaio and Trump resulted in him receiving a presidential pardon for his illegal conduct.

As an attorney, Bruno Fagali knows that first and foremost his job is to fight for the Brazilian public, especially in the realm of compliance in advertising. One of the main areas he looks at would be “common practices” in advertising. Because of these “common practices”, it can seem very frustrating to get an advertising firm to reach compliance. There are several cases to consider.

First of all, Fagali has identified a number of “vulnerability points” to ensuring that advertising firms remain in compliance. This list would be such things as the rules of engagement of the advertisers, media and agencies, and the appropriate remuneration model for different advertising companies.

For some perspective, consider the fact that Brazilian agencies make their money by bonuses paid by the media for advertising. This is called the agency discount, and it occurs when the agency provides the service to the advertising firm but is the recipient of payments from all of the communication vehicles regarding this relationship. Unfortunately, it is in this proposition that loopholes can arise that lead to abuse.

Read more on crunchbase.com

Of course, Mr. Bruno Fagali is working very hard to reform the system. Some of the abuses he note include situations where there is intermediation for a vehicle payment, media assignment criteria, plans for incentives, advertiser and employee relationships, and external services fees.

If this sounds complicated it’s because it is. However, if there is one man who is dedicated to leveling the playing field it is Bruno Fagali. He has extensive experience for the important role he plays, including being a member of the Corporate Society of Compliance and Ethics and a specialist in compliance with the FGV-Gvlaw entity. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from PUC/SP and a Master’s Degree from USP in Law of the State. Accountability has long been his main objective in the legal field. He works as a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB.

Search more about Bruno Fagali: http://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/comunicacao/2016/05/30/acho-saudavel-que-haja-revisao-de-contratos-diz-bob-vieira.html

In an online corporate broadcast held in the summer of 2017, Bob Reina introduced a newly enhanced computer program for Live Meetings. He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the company which introduced Live Meetings to the market.


New Edition of Live Meetings is Now Available


The new version of the Live Meetings program uses WebRTC (Real Time Communications) technology and features an upgraded interface. It is a computer program in which users can utilize real-time communications in the form of video-based conferences, presentations or meetings. One of the many popular features of the prigram is that it allows up to 15 hosts or presenters and up to 500 guests to participate. The users can participate on their choice of a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.


The new enhanced version of Live Meetings virtually eliminates the need to use any third party plugins such as Adobe Flash Player. No other downloads are required. It allows users to simply enter the program using their web browsers, which makes it even easier and more convenient to access Live Meetings.


More About Bob Reina and Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a global video marketing company with headquarters in Brandon, Florida. The owner of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is a native Floridian, an ex-policeman and a star in the media. He has tremendous insight about the future of video marketing trends and

solutions. Bob Reina has authored many articles and he has also presented more than 100 video presentations that both educate and motivate others. Mr. Reina is a gifted entrepreneur who has taken Talk Fusion to the point where it is now as one of the leading video marketing companies. Learn more: https://dsnblog.com/tag/bob-reina/