Timothy D. Armour is quite a blessed man in terms of financial and management success. He oversees numerous projects for his company on a daily business, and he most surely does so with no less than a smile on his face and a word of knowledge in his mouth. Armour has worked for over 33 years as a capital associate and specialist, and he now sits as both chairman on the Board of Directors and acting Chief Executive Officer or CEO for Capital Group.

Mr. Armour was appointed to his most recent position as chairman back in July 2015, shortly after the passing of the company’s previous chairman. Jim Rothenberg had served well in this role, and his death was received with much mourning throughout the entire company and franchise partnerships as a whole. Mr. Armour has faithfully and loyally stepped in his shoes and done quite a superb job thus far, promising to take the company through even bigger obstacles than it has even been through before in its entire history until now. It appears that 2017 may indeed hold major plans for both his and the company’s future goals. We will see in days to come.

“Tim, together with the other senior members of the firm’s management committee — Rob Lovelace, President, Capital Research and Management Company, and Phil de Toledo, President, Capital Group — will continue to work with the other members of the committee to set, communicate and implement…”

Both Lovelace and Toledo hold summa cum laude honors from their university years, and all three current executives hold bachelor’s degrees from accredited and estimated universities.

Armour, Lovelace and Toledo are currently residing in Los Angeles, choosing to stay within close limits to their company’s headquarters. Los Angeles holds many opportunities for this thriving business, and many in the area are familiar with both its success and its products. Therefore, for Capital Group and its members, Los Angeles is currently the best place to stay planted until future opportunities for further growth and expansion should present themselves.

Mr. Armour began his career ambitions with Capital Group back in 1983 as an entry-level associate, one on call for the needs of the company. Faithfulness and perseverance truly do reward. Time does tell.

For years, corruption has been a vice that has been shared and affecting countries around the world. Well there have been a few people in pursuit to fight this vice and ensure that it is stopped completely. Helane Morrison is one of the few women in United States who broke the glass ceiling doing what she has always been passionate about: to fight corruption. She dedicated all her career into fighting corruption and representing people in court. She graduated from North-western University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and went further to pursue a Juris Doctor at the University of California Berkeley, School of Law. She started out as a clerk at the US Court of Appeals for Richard Posen. From there, she worked as a lawyer for Howard Rice, Nemervoski, Cnady, Falk & Rabkin Law Firm and later was made one of the partners due to her commitment to the firm.



At Howard Rice, Nemervoski, Cnady, Falk & Rabkin Law Firm, she was fully committed to fighting for and representing defendants who had been sued by U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. she was and has always been committed to ensuring that brokers and individuals in the industry didn’t get away with corruption.  At SEC, she was responsible for spearheading the major corruption investigations. Some of the included enforcing action against California Micro Devices auditors whose work was corrupt and Dean Witter among others. Her passion for seeking justice and fighting corruption lead her to doubling her staff and delegating more roles to ensure that corruption ended.



Helane Morrison is a powerful litigator and an incredible citizen. Her love for the country and her effort to ensure that the economy of the country has been restored is a reason why she fights so hard to make sure that all corrupt deals are exposed and stopped. The society needs people, men and women who are ambitious and self-driven to doing what is right and just. Breaking glass ceiling is another of his major accomplishments something that is a source of inspiration to many women out there. Fighting corruption is not only a man’s job, however it is a collective job done by both men and women. She is currently the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC.

PodcastOne is at it again, this time taking us into the paranormal with “Beyond the Darkness.” This was made public by the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz. Already, PodcastOne has been blazing the trails and setting the pace; today, it is America’s largest advertiser-enhanced podcast network. “Beyond the Darkness” can only help cement its already enviable position in the broadcasting industry. Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-launch-of-beyond-the-darkness-newest-jericho-network-program-300381157.html


Viewers will have the opportunity of watching it on WWW star Chris Jericho’s podcast network, a subsidiary of PodcastOne, and it will be featuring world-renowned experiencers and researchers in an entertaining and enlightening conversations that will challenge your entire knowledge of angels, ghosts, ghouls, aliens, demons, monster encounters, miracles and mysteries. Anchored by radio host and author Dave Schrader, and radio producer Tim Dennis, new episodes will be made available every Monday on the PodcastOne app and iTunes as well as on PodcastOne.com.


The later had only good words for him: “Chris has distinguished himself as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network.” According to Norman Pattiz, “When he started The Jericho Network collection, we knew it would evolve beyond wrestling. He’s delivered comedians and now takes us into the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness.”


No one will deny that Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis are every podcast network’s dream. They are simply at the top of the paranormal broadcasting world with a massive fan-base who has unflinching trust and belief in them and in their subject matter. No doubt, Beyond the Darkness will grow their already enormous audience on the Jericho Network.


The Man, Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is by all standards a pace-setter and a trail-blazer. He is the founder of America’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network. Arguably, it is the only podcast networking hosting over 200 of today’s famous podcast, including the likes of Laura Ingraham, Chris Webber, Malcolm McDowell, TheCHIVE, Jay Mohr, Chris Jericho, Rich Eisen, Ross Mathews, Eddie Trunk, Penn Jillette, Gabrielle Reece, Neil Strauss, Dr. Drew, Barstool Sports, Dan Patrick,Heather and Terry Dubrow, Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla and the Forbes.


Westwood One is another masterpiece of Norman Pattiz. Aside being its founder, he oversaw its day to day running to the point that it became the nation’s largest radio network providing news, sports, talk and traffic programming as well as entertainment to the Broadcast Industry.


Both President Clinton and President Bush appointed him to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He and some other eminent personalities on the BBG were saddled with the tasks of overseeing the activities of “The Voice of America”, “Radio Liberty”, “Middle East Broadcasting” , “Radio Free Europe” and other American nonmilitary broadcasting services.

Learn more:



The not new ticket for 2017 is a new music festival named Fyre Festival. Already being touted by some as the must-attend festival of the year, this Coachella-like, two-weekend event was masterminded by rapper, singer, and actor Ja Rule and will include art, concerts, food, even exploration of the Fyre Cay island in the Bahamas. The festival will take place on two separate weekends: April 28 through 30 and May 5 through 7, 2017.


While the roster was not yet officially announced at press time, the goal is to present concerts that will include artists from multiple music genres including (but not necessarily limited to) hip-hop, pop, rap and rock. The promoters also are expecting some unusual collaborations and believe that music fans will enjoy more of a personal experience than they would at any other festival. Indeed, there will be more than music at this event. Learn more about Fyre Festival: http://ampthemag.com/the-real/first-ever-fyre-festival-comes-accommodations-private-plane/

More Than Music

This is promising to be an event on an island that will feature concerts, art installations, noteworthy cuisine, talks by various cultural leaders and even time for lounging on the beach.  Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

After all, Fyre Cay once hosted such characters as Pablo Escobar and Blackbeard, which makes the location an apropos locale for artists, thrill-seekers, and assorted others interested in taking part in a couple of modern-day treasure hunts for over $1 million worth of cash, jewelry, and other unidentified prizes.


Tickets for this VIP luxury experience festival are all designated “full access.” They include access to everything on the island as well as your personal accommodations, and your airline flight to and from Miami, Florida.

The festival weekend package ticket prices start at $1,500. Seasoned festival attendees believe that the Fyre Festival is just perfect for those who no longer favor not being able to shower for an entire weekend, ruining your shoes in a mess of mud and muck or dining on questionable carnival-style cuisine. Watch for more news about this spring’s Fyre Festival as the happening draws nearer.


Lori Senecal is one of the most prominent and popular management specialists in the USA with an impressive career in her portfolio. He is considered as the face of woman empowerment in the corporate world where only a few could achieve such a success within a short time. Currently, she is serving as the Global CEO of CP+B and playing a vital role in its massive growth both in the home and abroad. She also served in some key responsible positions in some big organizations in the past.

Lori finished her Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Marketing & Finance from the prestigious McGill University. Since her childhood, she was involved in competitive gymnastics, and she became a coach as well. Her aptitude for strategic thoughts and people skills have helped to overcome her shyness. When she completed her studies, she moved to Toronto to work in the media department of Vickers & Benson on the Ford account. After working here for a while, she moved to Interpublic Group’s McCann Erickson Toronto to lead its Coca-Cola account. Later on, she was transferred to New York to assume a bigger and challenging role. This is where she launched TAG Ideation on Salary.com, a successful young-adult marketing unit that made her become the worldwide lead on the Coke account.

In 2009, she joined KBS as its President, Partner, and CEO at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/business/lori-senecal-on-coaching-when-the-bar-is-high.html?_r=0. Under her leadership, this dying agency became a global company with lots of modern capabilities. She worked for this company from 2009 to 2014 and doubled its gross revenue in the last year. However, her true leadership was evident when some ex-colleagues left Interpublic Group on Twitter to join her in the future endeavor. After she had left Interpublic Group, it lost of some clients and key accounts as well as some key staff.

In 2014, Lori Senecal became the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network where she worked for two years and drove the organization to a new apex of success. Currently, she is serving as the Global CEO of CP+B since 2015, and she has won accounts from some of the biggest companies in the country. Over her career, Lori Senecal has always been focused on the strategic transformation that would bring on global success for her organization.

Doe Deere is the face and the name behind an award winning cosmetic line that provides trendy, popular colors. Her makeup is a hypoallergenic collection of eye shadows and lipsticks. Her colors have caused her to be name female entrepreneur of the year by Lime Crime Galore magazine. Deere is the proud CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics and was the first manufacturer to create velvetine matte and superfoil based cosmetics. Women crave her makeup because it is 100% organic and easy on the skin. Thousands of young women and guys use Lime Crime to express themselves with a makeup option that leaves them unapologetic about their bold look.

How Lime Crime Was Born?

Deere began to sell novelty tattoos to her friends, but first popularizing them by wearing them herself. Her childhood friends in Russia began to buy them from her and temporary tattoos became her marketing niche. Most of all, Doe was glad to have a product that her friends were interested in and something that made them happy.

Indeed, Doe Deere is living happily ever after, as a successful makeup manufacturer and technology expert. Her products are chosen 10 to 1, over her competitors because of its long lasting wear. Her makeup is proven to hold well under the threat of harsh camera lights for some of the industries most famous celebrities. Amazingly, you can look and feel as good as your favorite television celebrity or musician. You get bright colors that guarantee to accent your style and attitude. Lime Crime also provides great accessory options and shoes from their sister company Dolls Kill.

You can get great inspirational tutorials of Lime Crime on YouTube from actual users. They give you creative ways on how to mix, match, blend, accessorize, remove, and apply their products. You can get the color choices that lets you say goodbye to your dull boring makeup from your regular cosmetic retailer. They dare you to be bold and transform your look. You’re invited to visit Lime Crime’s exclusive website for more details. They give countless women the option to enhance their look. Lime Crime is a trusted name that gives thousands of women the option to be bold and confident about their cosmetics.