In their article ‘Groupon Made Eric Lefkofsky A Billionaire-His Cancer-Fighting Startup Is Worth Far More’ Forbes Magazine’s staff writers Noah Kirsch and Michela Tindera argue that Eric Lefkofsky, with Tempus Labs, his latest startup has surpassed the success of Groupon, the company that made him a billionaire.

Kirsch and Tindera have followed Lefkofsky’s career, noting that he started several data collecting companies before Tempus, the most profitable being Groupon.

Tempus gathers and generates data to help oncologists target cancer treatment for better patient outcome. The model may be adapted to other conditions in the future.

Although the newly minted Tempus faces challenges from competition from other data companies and the high cost of sequencing, it’s $3.1 billion valuation reflectes investor confidence in its future.

According to Kirsch and Tindera, Lefkofsky was entrepreneurial since his college days at the University of Michigan where he founded many companies. Before Tempus, his biggest success was Groupon, which he co-founded and which generated $1.6 in revenue in its third year.

Lefkofsky’s wife Liz’s breast cancer diagnosis was the catalyst for the start of Tempus when he was discouraged by both the lack of pertinent data and the reluctance of firms to share theirs.

Two years ago Tempus acquired one million patient records from the American Society of Clinical Oncology and soon more oncologists followed, sending records and biopsies for analysis and genome sequencing.

Kirsch and Tindera write that last year, Tempus competition increased when Roche bought a data firm and genome sequencing firm and a new startup

They observed that while some doctors who prefer lighter work are overwhelmed by the large volume of data that Tempus provides, some have joined the company in research.

Kirsch and Tindera observe that despite current challenges, Lefkofsky has an auspicious view of the future, having decided that his career choices to date have brought him to his present position. He would like to be remembered for his work in Tempus Labs. Read more about Eric Lefkofsky:

The article published by Gazette Day discusses the big changes that Fortress Investment Group has gone through in their 2018 year as this is the year the investment group would go through big changes. Since its inception back in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group has been making waves within the market world and in 2018, the group still is with their integration within the SoftBank Group Corporation for $3.3 billion. For the past year, Fortress has overseen $40 billion in global assets which was managed by the founders of the Fortress Investment Group, Nardone, Edens, and Briger.

SoftBank itself has made their own name through financing and supporting the age of information which involves having a stake in ownership with the Sprint company as well as their stakes in Alibaba and Uber alongside a variety of other firms. They’re also know for their Vision Fund which provides financial backing for many innovative technologies backed by tech companies like Apple and Qualcomm. The article goes into extensive detail about SoftBank and the operations mentioned.

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The article goes into quite a lot concerning the merger. Subjects like Fortress Investment Group’s experience with real estate and how it’s already being well-integrated into SoftBank’s support. There’s also mention of topics like Fortress’ Patent Troll Fund, SoftBank’s iPass Partnership, SuperValu, and Tiffany & Co. Building along with a few others highlighting the separate successes of the two groups and shed some light on the successes that both could achieve together. Additionally, there is some mention of founder Wes Edens and his side experiences outside of his work for Fortress.

The point of the story being that the FIG is a successful organization that has been going through massive changes and gaining accomplishments and this grouping with SoftBank will add to their gains and achievements.

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Originally founded in 1995, LocationSmart has created a patented platform to keep the mainstream business secure and connected. LocationSmart is currently the world’s largest mobile Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) provider.

LocationSmart’s IP Geoloation services not only provide a secure connection by being able to locate where an individual is trying to connect from as well as spot proxies that could cause potential security risks. On average, LocationSmart verifies more than 1.5 billion connections through the cloud each month!

LocationSmart has even taken the time to work with other industries to be able to comply with regional and state regulations such as iGaming. This would refer to operators of iGaming and mobile lotteries. Through their Geolocation services, LocationSmart is also able to be utilized as an asset tracker. Able to track through the entire supply chain all the way through shipping and the final transportation of the asset through remote monitoring solutions.

Not only does LocationSmart provide security and tracking, but also has a specialized geofencing solution through their SmartZone technology. This allows businesses to be able to make sure that connections to their networks are accessed on site as well as allow for marketing. Through the SmartZone technology, you are now able to easily start and manage marketing campaigns that are more geo-relevant to your demographic.

In more than 200 countries already, LocationSmart continues to grow to meet the consumer and business needs of the future. One main technological factor to consider is cost related concerns of GPS solutions versus LocationSmart’s technology. LocationSmart uses, as stated above, IP Geolocation services. This means that they do not need to access satellites for their platform to work.

A couple of major pros about non-satellite use is that it takes away much of the upfront cost that GPS needs to operate. Also, many times satellites are out of sync or do not have a good line of site causing a signal to be weak. Many devices also exert large amounts of power in order to try to maintain a satellite link. Through LocationSmart’s platform, everything is through the cloud.

With the changing world, LocationSmart has taken the time to look towards the future. Realizing that the average person already had around 3.5 devices connected to one another already and that was 4 years ago. Within the next year the number of average devices connected to one another is expected to be over 6.5 per person. When looking into the business aspect, the average business uses over 2 devices just to complete normal daily tasks. Looking at all that LocationSmart has to offer, it stands to reckon that this company will stand the test of time.


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David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. This is a private company of meat processors based in Illinois. They have a global presence. Quality is very important when you work with customers and food processors all over the world. It is essential to ensure every stage of production is sustainable and has good oversight.

OSI Group has been recognized with top awards for good safety and environmental standards at its facilities.

David McDonald emphasizes that it’s not just about production at OSI Group. It’s also about product development. To that end, the company partnered with Impossible Foods to quadruple production on the Impossible Burger by the close of 2019. Many people today are interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into their diets even if they don’t want to go fully vegetarian or vegan. Impossible Foods occupies a valuable sector in the sustainable food market. More information about David McDonald at

The National Provisioner interviewed David McDonald about his unique perspective on the company’s success in China. The food-processing company has been in China for over 20 years. According to David McDonald, the catalyst for that success is becoming local. In order to be successful globally, a multinational company must be successful on the ground in each region. They need to bring solutions to local problems and form long-term partnerships. That includes understanding the local business culture, too. A company has to be willing to put in the time and effort to build trust and build relationships.

Understandably, people will want to do business with people they trust. Mr. McDonald said that he has spent “weeks on end” building these personal relationships and putting in that face time.

The company is the primary meat supplier for several western fast food chains in China, including Subway and Starbucks. OSI China was also the primary meat supplier during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

In the National Provisioner interview, Mr. McDonald reiterated the company’s commitment to its principals, including food safety and customer quality assurance. Mr. McDonald has been at the company for a long time and has valuable insight into how it has built and maintained its success over the years. See more:

Sergey Petrossov

When Sergey Petrossov was charging into his venture in 2016, he had the look and voice of a high stakes Vegas player. He was all in and not looking back ever in case a moment of hesitation caused him to lose it all. Fast forward to 2019, and Petrossov as the founder of JetSmarter has raised $105 million from major investors like Jay Z and the Saudi royal family to make his company fly higher. Objective analysts peg JetSmarter at a valuation of approximately $1.5 billion and climbing. The company is a classic investor unicorn, the diamond in the rough everyone looks for in a startup.

Sergey PetrossovNow, Petrossov spends his time managing the exponential organizational growth, moving from just 50 employees to hiring all over the place nationwide with more than 260 staff. The company has private jet legs across the U.S., Europe and of course the Middle East with further expansion plans into China, India, and South America.

Dubbed the Uber of private jet flying, JetSmarter utilizes the mobile app platform and website to give folks the ability to use jets without the infrastructure cost of maintaining the actual aircraft itself. The membership is $14,000 a year, but it’s already a hit with 8,000 regular members.

The freedom for members to plan their flights and either fly in a pool to the same destination or private has generated big demand, and companies love the idea that they are only paying for the cost of the actual transportation needed versus additional sunk expenses. The popularity is proven in the statistics, flying more than 45,000 different passengers in 2018. Petrossov is looking further now to leverage the social aspect of JetSmarter, but he is already riding the rapids downriver to success. Looking forward, he sees the next destination as a lifestyle engagement with end-to-end service enhancements as well. They will likely be a hit as well with Petrossov’s mobile approach and service.

Darien Dash is an entrepreneur and business executive known as the CEO and founder of DME Interactive Holdings. Some of his notable accomplishments include making the first African American internet company to be traded on Wall Street. His company has been able to teach minorities essential computer and leadership skills to thrive in today’s economy. Dash grew up in an excellent family structure that started to deteriorate in his adolescence, however, he used it to make something of himself. The executive understands marketing concepts and technology. Being raised with a family of talented individuals in the entertainment industry only helped Dash excel as he created Roc-A-Bloc records alongside his cousin. In fact, the label was so successful that it raised over 100 grand during his second year of college and even signed rapper Jay Z.

The entrepreneur also worked with President Bill Clinton to expand internet access to everyone. He also worked with the CEO of HP to create a firm named Places of Color that won an award for the firm of the year. The company was formed to sell low-cost computers to minorities. Darien Dash accepts that The Movement Management Firm was created by working with clients for many years. The business executive recounts that his day to day activities start by waking up early, working with clients, traveling, and handling other duties. Some ways that they have been able to bring ideas to life is by not discriminating against anyone of stature or background, and instead, working with clients individually to execute goals. One trend that has excited him tremendously is seeing minorities elevate their status in the work world and work with one another. He has personally seen different movements to address injustice and inequality at its roots; that is what pushes Darien Dash. To know more about Darien visit

The individual mentions that he is a creature of habit, and he believes in the process. Some advice that Darien Dash shares are for people to continue to accomplish their goals and build for the future. He recommends that entrepreneurs keep a track of their finances because it can destroy a business or impact its success on the market. He reflects that his strategy of holding the clients to utmost priority has gone a long way to his success. Darien Dash finds excel useful and recommends that communities read the bible simply because it is the book of life.

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The reason Igor Cornelsen knows so much about investing and how to do it well is because of his experience with it. He has been involved in the industry since he was young and has a talent for knowing what is going on with the markets. He keeps a close eye on them and jumps on any opportunities for success that he sees, and he seems to always clearly read what is going on and when it is a good time to step away from a company or country.

Igor Cornelsen believes in viewing the world as a whole for investing and that it is important to think about the financial details of markets everywhere around the world. He advises about investing and those who are willing to listen to him can learn a lot about how to avoid loss when they are investing and more. He also talks about how people need to get involved in investing sooner rather than later and how making investments at a young age will help someone be prepared for the future, as they will have the money they need for retirement and more.

Igor Cornelsen believes it is important for people to work with an investment consultant if they feel that they need help. He also says that everyone who is investing needs to think about how to be diverse in their investments so they won’t put all of their money in one place and risk failing with all of it. Igor Cornelsen loves his home country of Brazil and is more interested in working with investments there than anywhere. He has a good knowledge of all that is going on in Brazil and is always carefully watching companies there. He currently spends part of his time in Brazil and part in Florida. Read more about Igor Cornelsen:

As Seymour Segnit, founder and CEO of the firm Magfast, points out, there are a number of problems with device chargers today. For starters, they rely on wires, which are ugly, and also tend to be poorly made. Furthermore, when the wires start to come apart, the entire charger ends up in the landfill, which is bad for the environment.

That’s why his company is selling its new wireless Magfast charger system, which relies on magnets and is built to last. There is clearly enormous consumer interest in the Magfast charger system as evidenced by the fact that Segnit was able to crowdfund $300,000 for his Magfast Family product line in 15 minutes.

The Magfast Family consists of six magnet-driven chargers that can charge almost any electronic device. Each Magfast charger can be purchased individually or as part of the entire Magfast Family. With a Magfast Charger, the user can say goodbye to wire tangles and tripping hazards. Aesthetically, the Magfast Family is gorgeous and is drawing comparison to iconic Apple products such as the iPod.

The different Magfast Family chargers serve different purposes. For example, the RoadCharger plugs into car outlets to provide up to four USB devices with power. The AirCharger, on the other hand, is designed to be used in kitchens and offices. The chargers themselves can be charged using the WallCharger, and the TimeCharger works with smart watches. More information about the entire Magfast Family is available at

About Seymour Segnit

A highly talented and accomplished individual, Seymour Segnit studied engineering at Oxford University. Since leaving school, he has, among other things, worked in finance, become a well-known radio personality and been involved in a number of successful Silicon Valley ventures. The Magfast charger is his vision, and he is involved in all aspects of the Magfast venture.

LocationSmart is the number one platform when it comes to Ip geolocation. The company is the best at providing businesses with asset tracking, cyber security, operational efficiencies, and much more. When a business is looking to have continuous monitoring of all of the connected devices throughout their company LocationSmart can provide these services. LocationSmart is number one at this service because they are always connected and there is no disruption in location reporting. When it comes to asset tracking global cellular and wi-fi location is frequently used by LocationSmart to protect valuable assets. Asset tracking also allows a company to find a device no matter what part of the world the device is located in.The IP geolocation works on any connected device that have serving network attributes and a location can even be determined if the device is roaming domestically or internationally.


There are companies out there such as enterprise application developers. These types of companies usually have a challenge of managing their assets that are connected on a global level. LocationSmart has offered a solution to this problem with its LaaS platform which includes Global Site ID. This platform is very cost effective and allows for companies that are enterprise application developers a safe and efficient way to track their assets by using the cloud. The most common types of companies that will be utilizing the LaaS platform are supply chains, shipping, transportation, and companies that utilize atms or vending machines.


The LocationSmart LaaS platform helps businesses to manage all their connected devices, assets, and their customers connected devices on a global level. The services that LocationSmart offers goes across fixed Ip addresses, wi-fi networks, and cell phones. LocationSmart has built a great platform that allows businesses to keep all of their devices protected and connected. This will ultimately lead to a business protecting their customers and gaining new customers while at the same time increasing revenue. Location smart Prides itself on providing its clients with the best privacy platform that an IP geolocation company can offer. LocationSmart has built such a successful platform with LaaS coverage that it is used worldwide my numerous Fortune 500 companies. This says a lot about LocationSmarts and the LaaS coverage that they are offering. If Fortune 500 companies are using LocationSmarts LaaS coverage platform to protect their assets and to keep their clients and employees connected this makes a statement just how reliable the LaaS coverage platform is.


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Greg Blatt didn’t have the most direct route to becoming the CEO of Match Group and Tinder. He spent most of his youth skiing, serving drinks and painting houses while searching for some sort of direction in life. Blatt would eventually get his law degree from Columbia after getting an English degree from Colgate.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Doing Your Homework

Greg Blatt says that there is nothing wrong with asking as many questions as you can think of. Doing so can help to make an idea better or help an individual improve as a professional. However, he also said that it is important to stop asking questions once a project is complete or some other event has run its course.

It’s Important to Remain Flexible

According to Blatt, it is important to make sure to stay flexible because no one can see what the future holds. This is why he rarely schedules meetings more than a few hours or days in advance. Keeping his calendar free allows him to take care of issues that matter to the company today as opposed to issues that may have been important at the time the meeting was scheduled.

Take Time to Learn From Failure

During his interview with IdeaMensch, Blatt said that it was important to learn from failure. Ultimately, there will be a lot of ideas that don’t work no matter how good they seemed at first. However, he believes that a single success will typically negate multiple instances of failing to succeed.

What You Should Know About Greg Blatt

In addition to working as the CEO of Match Group and Tinder, he has also spent time working for individuals such as Martha Stewart. Blatt spent time in the entertainment law industry because he felt that it would combine his love for the law with his love for writing.

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