Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur, hotelier, pioneer and a humanitarian situated in the United Kingdom. Shiraz was born in Kenya, Africa before moving to the UK in the year 1969 where he settled down.

He is a qualified charted accountant who studied at the Institute of Chartered Accounts in Wales and England. Before his profession, he filled in as an accountant at Thomas Mclintock and Co. while in the United Kingdom. Mr. Boghani has been dynamic in the accommodation industry for thirty years and at SHC (Sussex Healthcare) for as far back as twenty years. Shiraz was among the principal hoteliers to begin creating limited service branded hotels in London. Since then he has been engaged in with more than twenty-five such undertakings.


A founding partner and chairperson of Sojourn, Mr. Boghani has been very commended for his part in the realm of hotels and received an award of “Hotelier of the Year” in the year 2016 at the Asian Business Awards. Mr. Shiraz Boghani is currently the chairperson of Splendid Hospitality Groups that operates more than twenty hotels including, The York, Holiday Inn London, The Grand Hotel and Spar and Conrad London St James. Recently, Shiraz Boghani together with his group of hotels launched the largest hotel in Hilton London Bankside estimated to have cost 121 million Euros .Mr. Boghani coordinates the development techniques of the business and has a precise vision for the group’s venture into various enterprises. Shiraz Boghani is also a co-founder of Sussex Healthcare, healthcare that opened in 1985 that provides care to those in need of specialized care especially the elderly. The healthcare (SHC) received an award-winning adult care network which has increased to twenty-four care homes and hiring one thousand one hundred staff.

Shiraz Boghani is also known for being an active and vibrant humanitarian. He plays a significant role in a lot of charitable organizations. He has a strong dedication regarding his community and has previously held various senior slots such as being the chairperson of The National Conciliation and Arbitration Board, Member of The National Council and Resource Development Convenor for the University of Aga Khan. On an individual level, Shiraz has given a more prominent bit of his life to philanthropy. He has also assisted the Ismaili community and carried on changing lives through an opportunity offered to him as a result of the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga khan Development Foundation.

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Did you happen to miss the tweet storm by Shervin Pishevar? It was one for the ages that you do not want to have missed. He connected so many ideas and thoughts together about the economy and the political situation in the world right now. It was something to truly marvel at.

If you are not already a follower, you might not realize that Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Airbnb. He put his money down in a company that had the potential to fail early on in its creation. However, his bet paid off and he ended up making a lot of money for himself on that particular deal. It also helped to solidify the idea that Pishevar knew a thing or two about making economic predictions. He clearly made good ones in his personal life that led to success, so why would we not trust him to also make some good ones on a more broad scale? That is what Shervin Pishevar attempts to do with his Twitter account these days.

The first tweet as part of his tweet storm was about the idea that Shervin Pishevar believes that the stock market is due for a correction in general. He thinks that the indicators are pointing to the idea that the market is overbought and in desperate need to come down in value a little bit. Not three days after he wrote this tweet, the market began to fall by over one-thousand points in a single day. Even Shervin Pishevar was surprised by how quickly this first prediction was coming true.

He went on to make other claims that he believes are true as well. For example, he says that Bitcoin is not the safe haven currency that some would so desperately like for it to be. He thinks that it could fall all the way down to between two-thousand and five-thousand dollars per Bitcoin before it starts to rebound once again.

These are the kind of concrete predictions that you could hear about if you were to follow Pishevar on Twitter. He does not hold back on those predictions, and he is frequently accurate when he makes them.

Highly respected investment firm Fortress Investment Group successfully invests in non-performing assets to produce extremely high rates of return and profitable windfalls for it clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the more respected investment firms in the world. By producing record results within the alternative asset categories, they have provided a space for them to dominate the investment world and create a lane all their own. Furthermore, they capitalize on investments in the alternative assets such as illiquid credit Investments, distressed assets, and underperforming or nonperforming assets. The firm is run by very a successful intelligent executive team and committees that provide strategic leadership within the alternative asset sector and creates opportunities for lucrative Investments.

Fortress Investment Group provides profitable returns for over 1750 clients from around the world that are both individuals and institutions.Fortress Investment Group has superior expertise and knowledge from its executive team including their Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors Peter Briger. He has a history of providing exceptional expertise to the distressed assets and underperforming asset categories within the popular firm Goldman Sachs. During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, he sat on multiple committees including the Japan Executive Committee, the Global Control and Compliance Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. Peter Bridger also was the head of various groups including the Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business, the Asian Distressed-Debt business, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, the Fixed-Income Principal Investment Group and the Special Opportunities Asia Fund.

Peter Briger received strategic insight from his experience at Goldman Sachs that laid the foundation for his successful career as an investor in the alternative asset classes. Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and quickly became a leader and key investor within their credit and real estate business. He established himself as a creative finance specialist and skillful evaluator of alternative assets that allowed Fortress Investment Group to seize opportunities within the distressed asset classes that were not before possible. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity buyout firm to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. With the leadership of Peter Briger and multiple other extremely influential and knowledgeable executives within Fortress Investment Group, the company has successfully produced very lucrative returns on investments in the non-performing assets and is creating an opportunity for long-term profitable success of the investment firm.

If you have a business that is in need of high-grade marketing, you know how vital it is for you to make use of a company like Talk Fusion. The reason Talk Fusion has been a wonderful aid in so many company owners’ needs is because it is easy and quick to use. You just have one login account and then you get to use all of the video and digital marketing that you need right now. There are reasons why Talk Fusion is so popular, and it is because of the work that they have put into the program to be used.


There are a couple of things and services that Talk Fusion provides to their customers. You can send video messages and emails to your customers to get their attention. You can also set up a live meeting for staff members or even a chat video session that can be used for clients when they need assistance. All of these things can be done with just one account through Talk Fusion. This prevents you from using a variety of programs and paying for all of them separately and spending a ton of money in the process.


Talk Fusion is also high-quality, so the video that you’re making use of is going to be of assistance to you and encourage you to feel confident in what is being done. In fact, you’re going to notice right away that the video quality is actually better than a lot of the other options you’ve done in the past. Before you use a different company or separate companies that are all offering the same thing, you might want to try out Talk Fusion and see if it can help your company to run to the best of its ability.


There is a reason why so many people have chosen Talk Fusion and are thrilled with what the company has done for them. You no longer need to worry that this is something you’re going to be spending a lot of money for and you will love that this aids you in running a company well. There are lots of people who are using Talk Fusion and finding that this company is far superior to a lot of other ones available to you right now. You can make use of Talk Fusion and know that it is going to help you out each day. Learn more:

From outside help to inside jobs, inmates continue to find interesting methods to get illegal contrabands in prison. To them, cell phones are a primary livelihood to accomplish daily illegal tasks. Securus Technologies hear about these strategies and counter inmates’ attack with a defense mechanism. The latest strategy is using drones to airlift contraband cell phones, drugs, and weapons into the prison. If drones get in inmates’ hands, inmates, correction officers, and staff could be seriously hurt or exploited. Therefore, Securus is countering the strategy with drone detection technology. Similar to Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions, drone technology uses a digital antennae infrastructure to detect drones flying inside and outside prison walls. It’s similar to a watchdog guarding a building. The device patrols the prison for drone movement hovering over the fence, near the fence, or around the facility.


Drone detection technology wouldn’t be possible without our customers. The innovative method came from test runs and trials over an 18-month period. While Securus is ready to add the feature to our list of products, the technology will continue to strengthen. Securus personnel, technology partners, and loyal customers will tweak the technology by enhancing positive solutions with the system while diminishing weaknesses. Additionally, drone experts fine-tune drone detection systems to be accurate. The result is a responsive and effective piece of technology complementing Securus’ other criminal and civil justice products seamlessly.


Customers are equally responsible for making Securus an award-winning company for customer service. On February 23 in Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace, the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, one of seven Stevie Award ceremonies, occurred. Securus’ customer service team won its third Gold for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. Securus couldn’t accept this prestigious award without the support of civil justice and criminal justice personnel trusting our products to keep inmates separate from the outside world. Special thanks go out to law enforcement, investigators, and public safety professionals who use us to fight crime every day. Furthermore, the team won a Bronze for Front-Line Customer Service Team while the Silver for Customer Service Professional of the Year belonged to our own Zelperita Jackson.


In closing, drone detection technology expands our slate of products keeping people inside prison walls and society outside safe. A dozen attempts at illegal drone use occurred within five years, and while that isn’t much, Securus plans to stop this trend before it starts. Thanks to trial-and-error testing and amazing customer service professionals, the drone detection solution will be a success.


A school is a place of learning which can last a lifetime, but there are many factors that affect a child’s ability to learn. Education experts don’t deny that poverty, environment are major hurdles to some of the nation’s students. Some education experts aren’t able to effectively deal with those mitigating issues facing our students, but some are beating the odds.

Rocketship is the school which is beating the odds of educational barriers. Their mission is to foster education with core curriculum like traditional schools with a major difference. They have systems in place that assist with other education barriers such as when a disaster strikes. Rocketship was able to aid families with much-needed supplies. They provide assistance along with other charities to help with financial concerns following a major life event. Rocketship schools look for obstacles in the child’s life that can affect learning and they focus on removing that particular barrier. The teachers of rocketship schools are encouraged to visit their students home which creates a better understanding of the student homelife. This has been invaluable to teachers as it creates a level of mutual respect.

The parent is also deeply involved in their child’s education which is encouraged by the Rocketship schools programs. They receive communication in regards to their child’s studies. The school looks for every opportunity to increase parent involvement. if the parent is dealing with a financial crisis then the school looks for ways to assist the parent. Rocketship embodies the whole child life affects learning and they strive to have an impact.

In conclusion, Rocketship school program has set the bar extremely high for other school systems. They have fostered education with innovative strategies to overcome obstacles to learning. they have successfully met the changes of poverty and other financial struggles for students families. They have set a fine example for other schools to follow.

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, a successful entrepreneur and has become dedicated to philanthropy. He works for ASC Holdings as the Managing Director. He believe the healthcare system needs reinventing. For this reason many of his investments are with early stage healthcare companies with a commitment to the same goal. His experience in building healthcare businesses spans well over twenty years. He has helped found numerous businesses including BMC Diagnostics. This company is one of the top providers of diagnostic imaging services. He was also a co-founder of a provider of behavioral health services called TMS Health Solutions and a Telepharmacy services provider called PipelineRx operating throughout the nation.


Ara Chackerian has a lot of experience in operations. He has held prominent executive positions with TMS Health Solutions, BMC Diagnostics, PSS/World Medical and PipelineRx. His commitment to giving back runs deep. During the past ten years he has helped support and found numerous nonprofit organizations with a focus on youth education and development. He has expended efforts in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia. He was educated at the Florida State University and graduated with a B.S. in marketing.


Ara Chackerian has dedicated his career to health service companies and has served in positions of leadership. He was responsible for the guidance BMC required in 2007 to successfully acquire Health Diagnostics. During the decade he spent working in the diagnostic imaging sector he came to understand the importance of Teleradiology services in the radical transformation of the industry. This transformation is currently in progress with the use of Telepharmacy.


Prior to his service to BMC, Ara Chackerian was the founder of Embion/ProviderLinks. This was a distribution company using technological leverage with a focus on the industry of healthcare. He has additionally held a senior leadership position with PSS/World Medical. This is a medical products distributor and is traded publicly on an international basis. He was directly responsible for the profit and loss for eleven distribution facilities. He represented an annual revenue of $150 million and employed 400 people. For the last few years Ara Chackerian has been an angel investor for numerous healthcare companies in the early stages. You can search on Google for more.



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The Political Action Committee that is in the fight with Big Money of corporates, End Citizens United declared that it would support two more liberal senators in the upcoming elections. It is revealed that both of them are supporting the efforts of the PAC to come up with campaign funding reforms to control the access of corporate entry into the mainstream political arena. The candidates supported by ECU are Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, and Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey. Interestingly, they are contesting from their respective constituencies and known for pro-people administration in their constituencies.

They were also known for working tirelessly to serve the respective communities in their best capacity. Also, they were known for raising the political standard and integrity through their commitment to the mandate without working for the dark money forces, which is currently ruling Washington. Their association with End Citizens United started after both the senators pledged not to seek the funds of corporate PACs. The move by the senators is largely praised by independent analysts and considered as a people-centric stand. It is also considered as a change in the wave against the political and corporate nexus that is always disadvantaging the common man in the policymaking.

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Tiffany Muller, a reputed political activist and President of ECU, responded that both the senators were known for setting themselves by example. The decision of the senators to reject the corporate money showed their commitment to the people of the respective states. They also showed the red flag on the threats of corporate funds and how mega-donors ensure legislations made in their favor with the help of corporate-funded politicians. The President of End Citizens United said that one of the extreme cases of the flawed administrative policy was the recent tax bill, and both the senators raised their voice against the pro-corporate tax reform. With the pledge, the senators took a tough stand against Big Money in politics.

Most importantly, both the senators were working hard to ensure accountability and transparency in the elections of the country, for long. The support of End Citizens United is expected to boost the campaigns of both the senators significantly since it has massive grassroots campaigners. It can also leverage the candidates by the power to churn significant amount through small donations. When it comes to New York, the PAC has nearly 265,000 members to execute the campaigns.

End Citizens United has already communicated its aim to collect $35 million before the 2018 elections for ensuring maximum pro-reform representatives in Congress as well as Senate. The PAC was established by well-wishers of transparent politics in 2015. By electing maximum campaign fund reform candidates, the PAC hope that it can make legislation to control corporate entry into the arena.

Recently, at the behest of President of the United States, Donald Trump, United States District Judge, Sharon R. Bolton made good on the pardoning of Maricopa County’s former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

While the decision was not exactly a surprise to those who’ve followed the many sagas of Joe Arpaio, the decision was met with outrage by the citizens that Joe Arpaio violated for so long, particularly his longtime foes, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Michael Lacey recently took to the media, citing Donald Trump’s relationship with “Sheriff Joe” as “the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals.”

This comes as no surprise as the notorious feud between Joe Arpaio and the former heads of New Times Media, came to a head ten years ago when he had his deputies roust them from their homes and unlawfully arrested. While the charges were dropped in less than 24 hours, a three-year court battle ensued which resulted in Larkin and Lacey being awarded a $3.75 million settlement.

The turmoil resulting from the United State’s involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as the Kent State shootings, which resulted in the death of four students at the hands of Ohio National Guardsmen, was the seed that sparked Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, staunch anti-war supporters, to becoming involved with the launch of Phoenix New Times in 1970.

Alongside a dedicated team, which included Karen Lofgren, Frank Fiore, Nick Stupey, and Hal Smith, Michael Lacey, who had already dropped out of Arizona State University, gave rise to the alternative newspaper, generating significant acclaim.

Jim Larkin would join Phoenix New Times two years later, covering the business and marketing aspects of the brand, while Michael Lacey oversaw operations in an editorial capacity. At the time, there was estimated to be around 500 underground newspapers in circulation around the United States – all offshoots of the originator, New York’s Village Voice.

Covering a wide range of social and political events, both national and local, Phoenix New Times quickly garnered the attention of several notable organizations, in particular, J.C. Penny, who took out several full-page advertisements, quickly boosting their stock within the alternatives community.

In 1983, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would make the most significant leap of their careers with the acquisition of Westword – a news-and-arts weekly created by Patricia Calhoun that serviced the Denver, Colorado area. This move eventually led to the purchase of 17 additional publications with similar missions, allowing the voices of Larkin and Lacey to reach coast to coast in America.

Sticking to their signature style of narrative journalism, the publications under the New Times Media brand would go on to garner a myriad of awards and accolades, including earning a Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

After a four-decade run of dominance amongst the alternative newspaper community, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey said goodbye to the publication that they’d dedicated their lives to, choosing to focus on The Frontera Fund, as well as their newest iteration in online media, FrontPage Confidential.

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When we think about the different backgrounds of our esteemed designers themselves, who hail from such far-flung locales as China to Maine, as well as many places in between, the audience was duly impressed. Famous attendees included Ms. J Alexander, of America’s Next Top Model fame, and the well-regarded Sara Kozlowski, who directs the Education and Professional Development Program at CFDA. For a brief fifteen minutes on the runway, participants were asked to put in hours of training and practice, including workshops, formal coursework, work practicums, and unexpected changes in the schedule. Finally, the designers were given the chance to show off their ideas for the future in front of an audience made up of other designers, possible mentors, and the entire planet via streaming video.



Previously known as Academy of Art College, The Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, was founded in 1929. As the largest independent art and design institute in America, it boasts a faculty of nearly three-hundred, with over a thousand staff members and just over twelve-thousand full-time students. It was founded by Mr. Richard S. Stephens. Its campus, on New Montgomery Street, is known to have one of the largest properties in the San Francisco area.



The university is owner of some two hundred vintage automobiles, and its collection includes the most valuable and rarely seen cars in the world. Forbes has in fact estimated that the collection is worth more than seventy million dollars.



The Urban Knights compete in the Pacific West Conference. In NCAA Division II, the Knights compete successfully in nine sports. Cross-country is especially well-regarded, with men earning second place during the 2014 to 2015 season, and women reaching fourth place, a record at the time. The university also shows strongly in track and field, with seven All-Americans and Jordan Edwards as an individual champion in 2015.