Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder of the retail conglomerate JD. For the last decade he has built JD into one of the most successful retailers in China. His success has enabled him to receive a lot of recognition. Richard Liu attended an annual business forum to discuss the latest developments for his company as well as his previous background. The meeting at the forum was very intriguing as Richard also talked about his family and his educational background. Before Richard Liu Qiangdong started his career in business, he completed a sociology degree as well as a business degree from leading universities in Beijing.

This allowed him to learn about relevant issues that would enable him to become knowledgeable about how the business world worked. While he was still a student, he also looked to develop marketable skills by learning computer programming. After he was finished with these educational programs, he began to work in the technology sector. For a period of several years, Richard Liu was a professional in the computer and technology sector. He worked as a computer programmer on a freelance contract basis. Richard Liu Qiangdong would eventually join Japan Life and work as its director of computing. His career in technology was quite successful but he wanted to pursue his true passion which was entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurial career of Richard Liu Qiangdong began while he was still a college student. He founded a restaurant which he ran for about one year. Liu said that the restaurant failed within this time period due to him not having the time to run it. However, Richard started up another business after he resigned from Japan Life. His second business was one that sold magneto optics products. Within a year this business shut down because he wasn’t able to sell to customers from remote locations. After shutting down his second business, Richard decided to offer ecommerce with his next business. In 2005, Richard founded JD which he would build into the most successful business of his career. Liu gradually expanded the product selection and geographic presence of the company. Today, it is among the most innovative in the world with drone shipping and ecommerce solutions.

 Nearly 80% of the females are buying lip goods, an increase that the EOS developers Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra found fairly high. They wanted to offer a pleasant and interesting choice to females while also being healthy for the lips. This is why they established EOS, a business that supplies containers in different colors, in a range of flavors, with lip balm.

In order to see what females want, Jonathan and Sanjiv studied the worlds of lip and lip balms. They discovered that most of the goods available on the market were identical and produced by comparable firms. Many of the accessible lip baking products were not only for females that Jonathan and Sanjiv wanted to give at the time they established EOS.

Try EOS Lip Balm Flavors – Sweet Mint

When the couple designed the lip balms of the EOS and the products to be provided until they had a idea that females had in mind, Jonathan retained its composture and patience. The EOS lip baking container is shaped like a tiny egg, which allows you to easily find it in a bag, in the vehicle or in a big bag.

In many homes across the nation, the general layout and flavors, have created EOS a name known. During the EOS design phase, Jonathan and Sanjiv taught a few lessons and many of these lessons can be implemented daily by other businesses and people. EOS has had many great reviews and they only get better. More people give them five stars. They are defiantly at the top of the lip balm game.

Sergey PetrossovA young, energetic entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov has immensely succeeded with the creating of the company JetSmarter. He launched his company in 2013, and it has taken off ever since.

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States when he was four years old. He has lived in several different states but is now settled in Florida. As a young man, he attended the University of Florida and studied finance. Mathematics and analytics were the areas that really drew his interest. He got an early start in technology. By 2013, he founded the company JetSmarter. Now he is the CEO and founder of a widely-successful company that has expanded globally. By 2016 he was on the list of Forbes’ 30 under 30. He is also one of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. Needless to say, Sergey Petrossov is a great example of entrepreneurship and the American Dream.

Sergey PetrossovSo what does this successful business JetSmarter provide? JetSmarter is a membership-based company that connects passengers that wish to charter private jets with those who provide flights. Using an app, users are able to charter flights whether it be an entire jet, or sharing a jet with other passengers. They also have sales and specials for something called “empty leg” flights. These are flights in which a jet may have flown passengers one way, for example, and now need to return to their previous destination or the jet is simply needed elsewhere in a different city. Customers can sometimes charter these “empty leg” flights at reduced rates. JetSmarter now provides services in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. They are also quickly expanding into new areas. The company JetSmarter is now estimated to be worth over 1 billion dollars, has over 260 employees and has served over 45,000 passengers.

In short, Sergey has shown incredible ingenuity and dedication in creating a successful company and a great service that has assisted customers around the world.

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Gustavo Martinez is a leading marketing executive and consultant. He has spent over three decades helping businesses create effective marketing campaigns. During his career, Gustavo has worked for a couple of the most successful companies in the entire industry. Along with working for two of the top companies in the advertising and marketing industry, Martinez has also been involved in managing the campaigns of top companies. With his expertise, he has been able to help them reach their goals of getting more customers and increasing sales and revenues.


Today, Gustavo Martinez is an independent consultant. As a consultant he works as a single professional who provides assistance to businesses looking to promote themselves more effectively. Gustavo has used his expertise to help businesses to determine their sales goals, more effectively promote their products and also given them the advice and direction necessary to acquire the customers they need in order to reach their sales and revenue goals.


With his consulting practice, Gustavo Martinez frequently works with startup businesses. Since these businesses are often in the process of establishing themselves, they often need help in promoting themselves more effectively. Gustavo works with these businesses by helping them establish their brand as well as reveal the benefits of their products and services. With his guidance, a number of these startups have become successful companies with the marketing campaigns offered by Martinez’s company.


Since beginning his career in the marketing industry, Gustavo has been able to demonstrate quality leadership skills. He has been able to get a good understanding of what clients need from their marketing campaigns. Martinez has also been able to lead teams of marketing professionals to assist clients by putting together effective advertising campaigns. Gustavo has demonstrated his leadership skills as both an executive and an entrepreneur.


In order to achieve success, Gustavo Martinez has had to adopt a very strong work ethic. He has admitted to being a workaholic as he works 10 to 12 hours per day. His typical day begins at 7 in the morning when he has breakfast with his family. He then reads and responds to emails and then gets caught up on the latest business news. Gustavo then heads to his office and oversees all of the operations of his consulting firm.


When it comes to success, Gustavo has emphasized good listening skills, leadership, charity and working with talented professionals. He has often said that it is important to listen to what a person has to say because it will provide you with valuable information that you need to help them. This approach has allowed him to consistently meet the needs of his many clients. Gustavo has also been able to work with a very talented group of marketing professionals who use their expertise and teamwork to achieve goals.


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In order to reach a lot of people who are hurting and need counseling, someone has to reach out to them. There has to be an effective platform. Talkspace is an app designed for this type of audience. Anyone that needs someone to talk to and download this app to speak to a counselor about what’s going on. This app has saved many lives as a result and continues to do the good work necessary to build a society of happy people. No one should have to deal with everyday struggles with depression and other ailments on their own. Those that have reviewed this app have noticed that Talkspace is doing a better job than its competitors when it comes to reaching people.

With over $30 million under their belt, Talkspace can help a lot more people who need assistance with guidance for their life. These counselors do care about the people who come to chat rooms to talk and get things off their chest that is bothering them. Have a private way to reach someone who will understand without having to walk into an office provides more privacy. You can get more people to seek help that otherwise would be too ashamed to do so. Check out this article at Talkspace to know more.

Talkspace overall is a great app for any one of us who need counseling. Most reviews give it very high marks, and the app itself is pretty simple to navigate. Being stress-free is good and knowing that this app provides the privacy one needs to talk about their problem is great. Teenagers who feel that people do not understand can download this app for help as well. If you know someone who could benefit from Talkspace Reviews, it’s best to talk to them and give out the cons that make this platform very worthwhile.

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Living Upto a Name

OSI Group has been living up to its name for over 110 years and authentic service sells itself. Known throughout the meat-packing industry as a force to be reckoned with and an innovative power that has been noticed across every industry and active in 17 countries, it will take on a new role as it moves to become Impossible Foods signature co-producer for its high-standard all plant-based burger. In recent negotiations, the McDonalds Legendary Packer, OSI Group, made a co-agreement with Impossible Foods to produce the Impossible Burger inside its Chicago Plant, which is now manufacturing a production area specified and drawn out by Impossible Foods design specifications. There was no report from Impossible Foods that McDonalds would be carrying the Imposssible Burger in its restaurants.

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 Final Preparations Being Made

Once the production design is up and running it will allow Impossible Foods to send in its Impossible Burger production team to begin the manufacturing process. The Chicago plant is a state of the art high-security area secure from outside contamination. The Impossible Foods team will be required to wear special garments fit for its high anti-contamination production floor.

Halfway There

The halfway mark has been crossed in the ramping up to the international launch of the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods is confident now with the advanced distribution network of OSI Group at its service to be able to meet all the Impossible Burger demands it has received from thousands of restaurants across the country.

Need for a Second Production Factory

The 68,000 manufacturing plant of Impossible Foods located in Oakland proved not to be large enough to handle the growing numbers of the consistently growing demand of the Impossible Burger. Also, many fast-food companies like Litle Caesar, White Castle and the great demand of Burger King for it’s near to roll out a campaign for the “Impossible Whopper, will surely double the latest number of requests already under production says a spokesperson for Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods Recognition

Sheetal Shah, who joined Impossible Foods in May 2019, and is head of Product and Operations, replied to question lately about the new co-production agreement between Impossibile Foods and OSI by saying Impossible Foods is looking forward with the legendary producer and learning what it can from its history of innovation and excellence.

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After searching Google for “Jason Hope Anti Aging” and “Jason Hope Philanthropy,” both without quotations, several results come up with information about Jason Hope. Two of those sources are Hope’s Crunchbase profile and his personal website,

Hope’s Crunchbase profile lists Scotsdale, Arizona as his location. The site lists Arizona State University as where Hope went to college. There he would earn a degree in finance. He would also obtain an MBA from the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Crunchbase highlights that Hope started a mobile communications company shortly thereafter.

It is also noted in his Crunchbase bio section that Hope spends a considerable amount of time volunteering in his community, especially working with local high school students and aspiring entrepreneurs. He also sits on the board of the Arizona Science Center. Get involved at Sens Research Foundation.

128 news stories and features about Jason Hope are found through the Crunchbase “Recent News and Activity” section. The most recent story is from July of 2018. Publications that have mentioned Hope include Gazette Day, Chronicle of the Week and Medical Daily Times. Numerous blogs are found in the list as well as links to features made available through Facebook and YouTube. The Crunchbase profile also links to Hope’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. It appears that neither has been active since 2016.

His website highlights his interests in philanthropy, technology and investment opportunities. The site even has an online idea submission form that is prominently featured on the site’s main page. When clicked on, it takes site visitors to a page where they can submit ideas to Hope in hopes of receiving financial support through his Angel Investing program. The site says that anywhere between $5,000 and $500,000 could become possibly available.

Beyond covering the basics of Hope’s three areas of interest, the website also has a blog. The blog has posts on all types of informative matter. There have been no posts since 2015.

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Nitin Khanna’s career as an entrepreneur is respected by many in the business industry. Nitin has the experience, knowledge, and skills to lead any company to success. He is part of Mergertech as the CEO in charge of the company’s development. Nitin is a talented growth strategist and plan executioner, two attributes that have contributed to his success. He was raised in India, where he was exposed to different businesses by his family. The many entrepreneurs in his family influenced Nitin to be one himself. There are many steps that Nitin Khanna follows to become a successful entrepreneur. Firstly, he believes that surrounding yourself with people that share the same vision and mission as you is the best way of succeeding. In his companies such as Saber Software and Mergertech, Nitin Khanna recruited people himself. By doing this, he identified the best people for the job.

Once the best employees are hired, Nitin’s next step is to mentor them. He loves mentoring people and sharing ideas with them. After mentoring the employees, Nitin Khanna encourages them to go and mentor other people so that knowledge can be shared at all levels of the company. Secondly, Nitin Khanna identified his capabilities and nurtured them. He knew that he was not very good at sales operation and therefore did not waste time on the subject. He was more of a strategy guy and focused on this area. Khanna’s central role at firms is to develop a growth strategy for them and to nurture and implement ideas. Entrepreneurs also have to nurture their talents and focus on using the skills to improve their businesses like Nitin.

Nitin Khanna is a massive advocate for managing time and planning ahead of time. Planning ensures that things are completed before deadlines, and they are executed flawlessly. Workers at Mergertech have to make to-do lists to manage their time effectively. Everybody has free time on their hands, but it all comes down to planning. Nitin Khanna is a father of four children and needs to manage his time well so that he can spend more time with his children. The to-do lists have helped Nitin in finding time to be with his children.

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Climate scientists say we can expect more natural disasters as larger and more powerful storms are increasing in frequency, fueled by rising earth temperatures. That’s why people with the technical skills and talents of Barbara Stokes are more needed than ever today. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes is CEO of GSH of Alabama. The GSH stands for Green Structure Homes. The firm uses state-of-the-art engineering, design and technology to build homes and multi-story structures that are eco-friendly, affordable, safe and swiftly built. The company often works with FEMA to supply high-quality shelters and residences to people who have been displaced by natural disasters.


Barbara Stokes brings a wealth of educational background and professional experience to her leadership role at GSH. She graduated from Mercer University in 2001 with a degree in biomedical engineering and physics. But she also studied manufacturing mechanics, management and the structure of materials used for building things.

GSJ of Alabama is a family-run business. Barbara Stokes and her husband, Scott Stokes, serve as CEO and COO respectively. Along with senior management, Barbara and Scott Stokes represent 30 years’ experience in the building industry. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

There are many benefits to IP geolocation in addition to marketing efforts. While businesses of all sizes use IP geolocation for attracting customers, it can also help your business with services that you never knew IP geolocation could do.



Traditional regulations often extend into the virtual environment as well. Online casinos and other gaming / betting houses are required to follow all federal, state and local laws with regard to age limits and location. Some states and municipalities do not allow their residents to use online casinos. IP geolocation can ensure that online casinos and betting houses are not used in restricted areas.



Online fraud is an ever-present threat. IP geolocation can help determine if, for example, a user’s bank account is being accessed by the actual owner or if someone is trying to fraudulently access that account. Once the IP geolocation alarm is triggered, your business can take the extra measures necessary to confirm that the real owner is actually trying to log in to their bank account. This also protects your own business network from possible hacking attempts.



If your business model relies on streaming content, such as movies or music, IP geolocation will help protect the digital rights associated with that content by analyzing when and where your content is being accessed so that any improper distribution may be revealed.



LocationSmart’s global location services can help your business keep track of its assets from devices to advertising efforts. Their platform provides insights into such activities as user verifications, resource tracking and real-time location, job status, device management, IoT, advertising, customer support and more. In addition, the location-as-a-service function improves customer service by providing more relevant data into their current usage of text-based support, online chat, payments and other online business systems.



Continuous monitoring and location determination is available even for devices that are not found through Wi-Fi and GPS, giving your business the ability to find and track any of your devices around the globe. With the ability to locate around 15 billion devices, LocationSmart can provide the optimal location services that your business needs, plus open new avenues for business growth.


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