We are all curious on how successful investors live their lives and what goes on in their minds. It is wise to see how other people reason to see a thing or two that you may be missing that may be costing you in your business. One of the people you can learn from is Matt Badiali. Badiali has a column in Banyan Hills Publishing; the column helps business people understand how to succeed in the investment of natural resources.

Matt Badiali says that this was the perfect niche for him. This is based on his knowledge in the investment of natural resources and experience in the financial markets. He has a B.S. in earth sciences and Master of Science in geology. He ventured in the financial markets through a finance guru when he was pursuing his PhD. In terms of experience, he has had a chance to travel to multiple places and interact with investors in the state.

Besides being a successful and incredibly busy career man, he does not forget his family. Many people don’t understand that success is meaningless if you do not have people to celebrate the beautiful moments. Badiali’s day starts with him taking breakfast with his daughters and taking them to school, to see that he maintains the bond.

Matt Badiali has multiple ideas through how upcoming business people can better their art in entrepreneurship. He says that the first thing is to learn to focus on one thing at a time. Many individuals think that multitasking is a great idea. However, it can leave so much undone. It can also lead to imperfection. Matt Badiali says that he believes in shutting all distractions and focusing on one task at a time.

The other thing that Badiali recommends is intense reading. He says that no one can read enough. He reads every day to stay updated and broaden his knowledge to see he stays valuable to his readers. Badiali says that investors should learn to go the extra mile for their customers. There should be no compromises on that extra service you give your clients. For him, he gives a free e-letter and sees that he writes valuable ideas in it, which has earned him multiple long-term clients.

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Children often play a lot, and this is good for their growth. However, there are many risks that they are exposed to whenever they play. Whether they are riding bikes, playing soccer, riding a scooter or even traveling in your family car, a traumatic head injury is never too far.

In a split second, the child may experience an accident that leaves them with serious injuries to their head.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, these injuries can lead to mental health problems when the child grows up. The worst part is that it can have a lasting effect on the kid. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: http://drsaadsaad.com/ and https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

Focus on adolescents

According to studies, the risk of head injury is more among adolescents. Males at this age are twice likely to suffer injury compared to the females. In the springs and summer, the risk is even higher because of the activities that people engage in during this season.

Because of this, concussions are more likely to occur during youth sports than any other event. Parents have always been concerned about the safety of their children when they go out for games. Therefore, coaches and doctors should have enough tools to treat any head injuries as fast as possible to minimize the possibility of creating a big problem.

Understanding concussions

Dr. Saad Saad describes concussions as a situation that occurs when there is a blow, jolt, or bump to the head. If the body is hit in a way that makes the brain and head to move rapidly, the same situation is likely to arise. This action can lead to a chemical imbalance in the head or an overstretching of the brain cells which in turn damages them.

Concussions should not be taken lightly because they have severe damage to the brain. Although it may not be life-threatening, it can have severe effects on a person’s mental health. Some of the signs of this injury include one enlarged pupil, drowsiness, inability to wake up, headaches that stay for too long and repeated nausea. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

The doctor also observed that many symptoms might not show immediately. The best way to handle brain injury is to have the child checked thoroughly.

Even when they say that they do not feel any pain, it could be because the damage has yet to manifest. Treating this condition will save the child from a lot of problems when they grow up. Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon who has authored a lot of articles about children’s health.

In South Africa, some people would put Serge Belamant in the same league as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates because of the contribution he has made in the technology arena. However, he appears to be an inventor who is in his league. Although he was born in a place called Tulle in France, he grew up in South Africa. His tendency to succeed in his interests started early in life as he was given awards for his participation in sports such as athletics and rugby as well as other championships such as chess. It is, therefore, not surprising that he has succeeded in being part of numerous technological inventions in his lifetime.

Serge Belamant has never hesitated to take a path that was not popular. For instance, when in college, he changed from engineering to computer science when he realized that his interests were in that direction. However, he joined UNISA two years later to study information systems, when he realized that he had to redo courses he had passed, the institution could not allow him to transfer his credits. Nevertheless, his new endeavor was in the technological discipline.

This education background has facilitated his involvement in making various inventions in the finance sector. Serge Belamant is well-known because he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Net1 Technologies. However, before the creation of this company, some of his first known inventions entailed applications that could do dam-water-level analyses to prevent South Africa from experiencing future droughts. His interest in creating technologies for the financial sector emerged when SASWITCH employed him.

Through his company, Net1 Technologies, Serge Belamant was one of the first people to introduce blockchain technologies to the market by convincing banks to use his UEPS, which was an end application after using FTS. Through this technology, he was also able to present one of the first electronic purses to the market, which is currently associated with cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant’s leadership in high school as a head prefect also provided a foundation in running his companies such as Zilch Technology Limited. Despite all these great inventions, he states that the most creative thing he has ever done was to create an entity that offered interest-free personal loans.

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When picturing how investors decide on what stocks to purchase, many people imagine them scouring over news and data to choose the companies that are the best bets for their portfolio. While this is what is done when it comes to fundamental analysis, Gareth Henry sees quantitative analysis becoming even more popular when it comes to choosing what to trade. Through quantitative analysis, people use computer programs in which data and mathematical equations are implemented in order to figure out what turns the stock market will be making soon.

When the practice first began, the people doing it were a relatively fringe group. Many people questioned just how legal the process was as it had the ability to drastically change the prices on the stock market, but in the end, it was completely within the rule of the Securities and Exchange Commission. These methods were being used before the Y2K crisis happened and they were able to make a lot of money for investors who had a lot of capital to put into the practice. Gareth Henry predicts that there will be a big rise in popularity with this type of investing as the programs used are becoming very accessible. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

When quantitative trading, another name for program trading, first gained popularity, there weren’t that many people who had access to the technology needed to do it. Computers were expensive and it was a lot of data to process that most home computers just couldn’t handle. Now, there are kits available that contain information and programs to get people started on quantitative analysis and trading. Gareth Henry sees this being a big thing even for investors who don’t have millions to put into the market.

This practice does come with a relatively high degree of risk, but it can also come with very high return rates if it is done properly. Gareth Henry notes that the world of program trading is morphing into what is called quantitative investing as it is becoming more and more mainstream. Quantitative analysis uses data to predict behavior and it can be very accurate as long as the right variables are considered.

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One of the remarkable events “Edwin Miranda entitled as the VP of quality at Cytovance Biologics” being assigned to lead the entire quality function at the company. Edwin Miranda is highly qualified with an experience of 33 years in the field of bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. His remarkable achievements have brought a depth of knowledge and occurrences in the areas of quality assurance, surrounding solid and liquid verbal dose and biologics and cosmetics.

Edwin Miranda Biologics has become the fortune of Cytovance Biologics a contract-based development & manufacturing company. The company is reported to have said that Edwin Miranda is a seasoned and matured biologic who is an experienced executive to join motivated team of Cytovance Biologics. His wisdom and employee management abilities will serve as marvelous and valuable assets to the company.

Edwin Miranda has been serving the successful FDA quality management team with his tremendous skills before joining Cytovance. He is also entitled to launch the NDA that is a new drug application for Keppra. Moreover, he has also served his services at few known and successful pharmaceuticals such as URL pharma, legacy pharmaceuticals & primal care as the Director and VP of quality assurance. But what is to be highlighted is that in all these roles at different institutions he has been handling the:

• Quality management system
• Overseeing the compliance functions &
• Developing a successful plan of remediation

He has managed around 480 observations that resulted in proper standing acknowledgment of EIR (Establishment Inspection Report). An army trouper Edwin Miranda is a graduate of Angelo State University in BS Chemistry & Biology and has made remarkable efforts in the field of biologics. He has joined Cytovance as the biologics at the perfect timings of the year and has accelerated the success of the company by managing the quality assurance team.

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Leaders in investment such as Matt Badiali have recently been successfully ignoring the bad reputation of gold investment. Matt Badiali says that gold mining stocks are currently a great investment to make, despite the anxiety that is often associated with it. In 2015, gold prices were as high as $1,051 per ounce, leaving investors stressed over the rock bottom price. Taking this into account along with the lack of stability for gold mines in general (built in less-than stable areas, and often at risk of failure or shutdown), gold in general does not seem like a wise investment. Matt Badiali would beg to differ.

The investment guru Matt Badiali recommends adding gold and gold mine stock to your investment portfolio in 2018, expecting windfall projections. This, according to Badiali, is a very powerful and distinct move for portfolio diversification. In the long run, you could be saved from negative effects from fluctuations in the market. Gold’s supply is also limited, allowing investors to gain from inflation that may come about. A stock market that is tanking won’t necessarily indicate valuations in gold, minimizing the losses of the investor with the diversified portfolio. Matt Badiali cites a few other reasons for investing in gold, particularly including its minimum cost. Whether a particular sample is exceptionally high quality or readily available, the corporations still need the minimum amount to exist.

Commodities related to gold, and gold itself, also function as a balance between energy costs and the materials needed to mine, including water, concrete, and iron. In addition to holding the position of Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali also has a background as a geologist as well as a financial analyst, making him uniquely qualified to make these projections. He holds two degrees in the field; the first of which is a bachelors degree in earth sciences obtained from Penn State University. He also received a Ph.D. in 2004 in geology obtained from Florida Atlantic University. After being introduced to the finance world, he maintained a successful career and has given many others advice to generate great returns.

Many Americans set aside apportion of their income to save for retirement. Most Americans depend on social security benefits to fuel their lifestyles after retirement. The reality of the matter is that social security may not fully maintain your lifestyle after retirement. You need to make investments to supplement the benefits.

The new opportunity brought by Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali, an accomplished investment expert and a senior analyst at Banyan Hill, announced an emerging investment opportunity in the energy sector through a video that went viral. The opportunity in hand is known as freedom checks. People have mistaken the opportunity for a scam for lack of knowledge or being misled. The opportunity leverages on Statute-26 F enacted by the United States Congress to enable people to earn high returns on investments.

The opportunity is lucrative because it is not subject to taxation. Now, workers can return early and enjoy their lives earning through the opportunity.

Are freedom checks a viable investment?

Well, it is an investment like any other in that you will put in funds to a company otherwise known as Master Limited Partnership (MLP) and wait for returns on the investment. It is a viable and legitimate investment unlike many get-rich-quick scams on the internet. With a reasonable amount of money, you will get high returns.


Freedom checks came to be following the government’s efforts to offer companies in the natural resource sector incentives to fuel the US economy further. The enactment of Statute-26 F laid ground for MLPs to come into existence. The MLPs enjoy tax exemptions and therefore, they pay huge amounts of money to investors.

Understanding Master Limited Partnerships

MLPs were legalized in 1987 on the wake of Statute-26 F enactment. They are made up of companies in the natural resource sector organized into partnerships that are traded publicly. For a company to qualify to be a MLP, it has to give 90% of their profits to investor and it has also to be in the energy sector. Investing in MLPs pays highly because the only taxation involved is share transfer tax.

Growth opportunities

Matt Badiali, an investment specialist with a background in geology, said that MLPs are going to pay up to $34.8 billion to investors this year. Anyone looking for a great investment plan prior to retirement can check up with Matt Badiali and get analytics that can help you to land on a company that will pay high returns in form of freedom checks.

The holidays are a great time to make some extra money. Some of you may not know how to go about finding a job at Neurocore that you view as only a temporary thing. The following tips can help you out. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

1) You should be prepared for an interview at any time, day or night. Neurocore may require you to come in during the evening hours. You need to be flexible. That might conflict with a holiday party you have been invited to. What is more important? The job? The party? Only you know for sure.

You can read more about it at https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/how-can-i-find-seasonal-jobs/ and https://hiring.monster.com/hr/hr-best-practices/recruiting-hiring-advice/strategic-workforce-planning/seasonal-hiring-tips.aspx.

These tips are great for a job at Neurocore and they work elsewhere. The point is: Stay open to what the company has to offer.

Check: https://patch.com/florida/miami/neurocore-abridged-history-applied-neurofeedback

2) You need to find something you like. I know it is only seasonal work at Neurocore, but you need to enjoy going to work. The holidays are not going to be fun if the job turns you into a Grinch. Find something at Neurocore that could possibly translate into something more permanent.

3) Use the time to network. You need to be social at Neurocore. There might be a holiday party the associates get invited to. You might be invited to if you are the seasonal help. Find a way to make friends with other professional. Drop your name into the hat and see what happens.

There is a way you can network and get your name out there without being too pushy. The idea is to make a great impression. Did you know that some companies ask some of their seasonal help to stay after the holidays? They do that especially when you have made a great impression. You could find yourself going from temporary to permanent within a matter of weeks. Either way, you have made some extra money on the side.

The goal is to keep putting yourself out there. I have known people who got hired for a temporary thing that ended up staying on full-time. Do you want Neurocore to think long-term? You need to think long-term as well. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Talos Energy is one of many oil companies in the world. Their place of operation is in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. The company has recently gone public. They merged with Stone Energy Corporation. A year ago, they made a big oil find in an area that had been given to them by Mexico. Prior to about a year ago, they were not able to acquire oil rights for land in Mexico because the oil industry in that country was closed off to foreigners. However, Mexico opened up its oil market to foreign investors, which allowed Talos to search for oil and make their find.

Talos Energy is officially located in Houston, Texas. They do not just do business; they do business and give to local communities. Every quarter, they run charitable events. The company gives everybody who works for the company $500.00 to give to charity. Talos frequently aligns itself with various local and regional organizations, such as Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Houston Food Bank, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Houston Children’s Charity and American Cancer Society.

Currently, the price of one of their stocks is about $19.00, though it is subject to change. Talos Energy strives to take requirements as seriously possible. They know that it is of utmost importance to follow safety rules and requirements. Workers, visitors and the public need to be protected, which is why compliance is important. With other companies, there have been many incidents in which the environment was polluted as a result of not following requirements. Talos Energy does what they need to do in order to maintain a clean operation. As the years go on, they prove themselves to be a very trustworthy, professional company. Oil exploration and production are their main goals, and they have been very successful at achieving them.

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Isabel Dos Santos was born on April 20, 1973, in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, a reasonably large country nestled in between Armenia, Georgia, and the Caspian Sea. Her mother is of Russian nationality, and her father is Angolan. During her youth, Isabel Dos Santos, had attended an all-girls boarding school in Kent, Cobham Hall. As a scholar, Isabel Dos Santos received her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, from the King’s College in London. She is also the eldest daughter of former Angolan President José Eduardo Dos Santos.


Angola’s princess, Isabel Dos Santos, is an affluent Azerbaijan Businesswoman, who attributes her status to her smart business investments and diverse business portfolio. She was ranked #9 on Forbes’ Africa’s Billionaires of 2018 and #74 on Powerful Women of 2017.


Isabel Dos Santos has made quite a few expansion business ventures in a variety of markets. Recently, attained a significant stake in Portuguese companies, including a telecommunications firm, and Nos SGPS, a Portuguese cable TV company. Her father, while he was still President, made a substantial amount of changes to ensure that Isabel Dos Santos and her siblings were financially secure for the future. In 2016, Isabel Dos Santos became CEO of one of her father’s state businesses, Sonangol, Angola’s state-assigned oil firm.


She also holds shares in the company Galp Energia, a Portuguese energy supply and distribution corporation operating, out of Lisbon, Portugal. As a business, Galp Energia is involved in the distribution transport, refinery, production, trading, regasification, and storage, of natural gas and petroleum. The company consists of roughly over 100 companies through Europe, and is ranked as of one of three most sustainable companies in Europe.


As CEO, Isabel Dos Santos held the position for a year before her father’s retirement, where of which, she was removed from her position by the new acting President in November 2017. In 2017, Isabel Dos Santos, was valued at $4 billion, making her currently the wealthiest woman in Africa.


In her personal life, she is the wife of Congolese Art Collector and Businessman, Sindika Dokolo. The couple married in 2002, and have three children together.